Sennheiser Takes Latest Wireless Microphone System on the Road with Digital 6000 Demo Tour

Sennheiser today commenced its Digital 6000 Demo Tour in the Middle East with the aim of giving customers a chance to get extended hands-on experience with the new wireless microphone system. The audio specialist is accepting requests from rental companies, production houses, large scale venues and broadcasters across the region that are interested in experiencing, first-hand, the impressive capabilities of the Digital 6000.

Sennheiser Digital 6000

Sennheiser’s System Solutions team, with the support of UAE distributor Venuetech, will provide an on-site introduction and feature orientation on the wireless microphone system after which customers will be able to trial the Digital 6000 at their premises or test them in the field. “The summer period offers rental companies time to spring clean, take stock and prepare for the upcoming season. This means that most sound teams are working at their HQ rather than on site, and so have a bit of breathing room to try out new equipment. We have decided to take advantage of this and get the Digital 6000 into the hands of the people who are at the forefront of the events industry,” explained Ryan Burr, Technical Sales Manager at Sennheiser Middle East.


The Digital 6000 brings the benefits of the Long Range mode of Sennheiser’s top-of-the-range Digital 9000 system to a two-channel receiver. It has been designed to keep additional investments as low as possible and allows the use of standard UHF antennas and existing Sennheiser capsules or microphones. By eliminating intermodulation, the system enables more channels to operate in less spectrum space, thereby addressing the challenges of the shrinking UHF spectrum.


The Digital 6000 is fitted with an automatic frequency set-up function to make the job of the monitor engineer or dedicated RF engineer easier. A new, user-friendly menu control with a bright, white OLED display gives a quick overview of the RF signal, link quality, audio signal, battery status, frequency, transmitter name and encryption. Critical operating conditions and error messages are directly indicated on the display.


In the short time since its launch late last year, the Digital 6000 has already garnered significant interest from the international music community and is fast becoming a staple on the riders of some of the world’s most popular artists including Drake, Céline Dion and Camila Cabello. Burr believes companies in the Middle East will mirror this interest as awareness about the digital system grows. “We have already visited many rental companies in the UAE but through the Digital 6000 Demo Tour, plan to engage with many more across the Middle East over the summer period. We want to bring these companies up to speed with the latest technology we are offering so they can make informed decisions about adding it to their inventory when they next refresh their wireless microphone systems,” he said.


Interested companies can initiate a request by emailing or by speaking to a member of the System Solutions team on +971 4299 4004.

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