SGL, a leading provider of content archive and storage management software for media and entertainment, is announcing its support for Ci, Sony’s professional media cloud platform, at NAB 2016 on booth SL5306. The integration between SGL FlashNet and Sony Ci enables broadcasters and content owners to quickly and securely transfer material directly to the cloud from their MAM system via SGL FlashNet, providing redundant cloud storage, disaster recovery options and the ability to access content from anywhere.


Sony’s Ci platform provides enterprise-grade workflow collaboration and media management built on top of AWS.  In addition to securely and cost effectively storing content in the cloud, Ci extends an archive’s value by creating adaptive bitrate proxies, indexing the content and making it securely and globally available via web browser or API integration.


Every asset archived in Ci via FlashNet is registered with a Sony global unique identifier (SGUID) that is consistently referred to by all systems associated with it, enabling major broadcasters and media providers to manage and share assets globally.


When an archive request is executed, SGL FlashNet submits it to Ci and, in return, receives confirmation together with the SGUID. When a request is made to restore the asset, the initiator refers to the standard FlashNet UID.  FlashNet handles the translation behind the scenes and manages the restoration directly with Ci using REST APIs.


“This collaboration opens new opportunities for our customers to achieve a truly seamless hybrid workflow combining on premise and cloud archiving,” said David Rosen, Vice President of Business Development with Sony Professional Solutions Americas. “SGL’s FlashNet and Sony’s Ci is a great combination that allows media enterprises to safeguard their assets in a way that makes sense for their individual requirements.”


Lee Sheppard, SGL’s Director of Product Management explained, “Sony Ci offers a whole additional level of cloud-based asset management to standard cloud-storage solutions. The enterprise-level project coordination and sharing, editing tools and the global reach of the solution adds a whole dimension to global asset management workflows.”


SGL will also be highlighting Sony’s Optical Disc Archive on its booth throughout the show. According to Sheppard, SGL’s support for Sony Optical Disc Archive opens up a world of workflow possibilities, from disaster recovery solutions to management of archive material over disparate geographic areas. “With SGL’s experience of managing multiple storage devices within production, news and sport, Sony’s Optical Disc Archive can sit anywhere within a workflow, not simply as an ‘end of process’ archive,” he said.


SGL FlashNet will be featured on Sony’s Media Enterprise booth C11001 at NAB 2016. FlashNet is fully integrated with Sony’s new Media Backbone content management solution.

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