SGO releases Mistika Boutique – a brand new full-finishing solution for Windows and macOS with a Special Launch Promotion

SGO has officially released Mistika Boutique, an all-new and affordable full finishing software solution for Windows and macOS, joining the expanding line-up of Natively Integrated Mistika Technology products.

Mistika Boutique places its users at the very forefront of the content production industry that today requires versatile, adaptable and multi-skilled professionals by offering an extensive spectrum of fully-integrated finishing tools, essential for creating first-class content, including color grading, VFX, Stereo 3D and VR/360º.

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Mistika Boutique is exclusively available online through the SGO Shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just Euro €99 a month. Creatives and facilities will get to choose between Personal, Professional, Immersive and Immersive Professional Editions, adapting features and functionality priced according to their needs. Mistika Boutique plans can be found HERE.  

Special Launch Promotion

During the first month of release, SGO is offering a Special Launch Promotion*. Everyone subscribing by 30 April 2019 will get the Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique for only €99/month or €990/year, which represents a saving of over 65 per cent on the normal price. The Special Launch Promotion price will be maintained as long as the subscription is not cancelled and remains active.


Mistika Boutique: Trending Topic in the Industry

During the free Open Beta period, Mistika Boutique created a lot of buzz on social media and professional digital channels and became a trending topic among industry creatives. “We received truly overwhelming feedback during the pre-release, coming from hundreds of professionals around the globe,” said Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO. “All the comments, questions and suggestions are very much appreciated and taken into consideration. Users’ opinion is an incredible source of ideas and inspiration to make Mistika Technology even better every day,” emphasized Doncel.

Mistika Boutique will be showcased at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas (Apr 8-11). Reservations for demos are still open and can be requested via this LINK.  


About SGO & Mistika Technology

SGO is a Spanish high-end technology company with decades of experience in developing and integrating high-end post-production solutions. Their award-winning Mistika Ultima post-production Hero Suite has achieved market notoriety for developing customized post tools and workflows for many of the industry leaders all around the world. Built on years of research, development and production experience, Mistika Technology empowers users with new levels of creative power, performance, and efficiency in HDR, UHD/4K, 8K, S3D, and VR workflows. As part of its Multidimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has started to slice toolsets of its globally-acclaimed Hero Suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications, with Mistika VR being the first one. Natively integrated Misitka Boutique & Mistika Workflows are joining the line-up of Mistika Technology based solutions, enabling highly efficient content production workflows.



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