Signiant Announces Integration with AWS’s Media2Cloud

New collaboration allows for easy, fast, and reliable file delivery into and out of AWS Media2Cloud workflows

Signiant Inc., a leading provider in intelligent file transfer software, is pleased to announce that its cloud-native software as a solution (SaaS) products, Media Shuttle and Signiant Jet, are now integrated with Media2Cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Media2Cloud, frame-level metadata is generated using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) from Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend. Media2Cloud, application protocol interface, APIs make it easy to integrate this metadata into other systems. With this integration, customers can take advantage of Signiant’s SaaS products to transfer content directly into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) with speed, reliability, and security and once the content is in the Amazon S3 bucket, Media2Cloud begins the content analysis and post-processing.

Signiant software ensures the fast, secure movement of large data sets over any IP network, in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, with comprehensive control and visibility at any scale. Media Shuttle and Signiant Jet are widely deployed across the media and entertainment space, connecting more than 50,000 organizations around the world. Every month, Signiant software moves petabytes of content to and from AWS, supporting multiple aspects of the media supply chain.

Mike Flathers | Chief Solutions Officer, Signiant

“This is another example of our continued innovation to make sure our products work seamlessly with the media technologies our customers use. Given the central role Signiant plays in moving media assets to and from the cloud, working with Media2Cloud was a perfect fit,” commented Mike Flathers, Signiant’s Chief Solutions Officer. “Customers can easily move media assets into the cloud and use Media2Cloud AI/ML workflows to gain deeper insights to the content.”

About Signiant

Signiant’s advanced transport technology has long been trusted by the media industry for mission-critical file transfer applications across the global supply chain. Signiant software provides fast, reliable, secure movement of large datasets via any IP network, with comprehensive control and visibility at any scale. These benefits are more important than ever in today’s hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, where the Signiant SaaS platform plays a foundational role in the modern media technology stack. This unified means of accessing media assets located in diverse, distributed storage repositories, has set the stage for innovations that extend Beyond Fast File Movement.

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