Silverdraft To Build State-of-the-Art Supercomputing Lab In Hollywood

The Silverdraft Center for Content Creation leverages Micron Memory and Storage Technology to Accelerate Rendering Workflows

Silverdraft LLC ( today announced the creation of a unique supercomputing lab in the heart of Hollywood. Located at the historic Jim Henson Studios, The Silverdraft Center For Content Creation (SC3) will enable freelance artists, and creators of content, such as games, Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive cinema, to post-produce and render their projects using the fastest, most highly-optimized technology in the industry. It will offer a 4K screening theater, as well as multiple creative bays running professional systems for post-production and rendering workflows for 3D animation, VFX, Digital Intermediate (DI) and finishing, as well as VR content creation for platforms such as Oculus Rift. Silverdraft is exhibiting during NAB 2015 at booth #SL15105.

The SC3 will give content creators first-hand experience with state-of-the-art workflow tools typically associated with high-end facilities, while enhancing the quality and production value of their projects and decreasing turnaround times.

The SC3 will also serve as a showcase for Silverdraft technologies, where artist feedback will go directly into the pipeline for future product development. Each of SC3’s creative bays will contain a combination of Silverdraft Devil™ & Demon™ supercomputers and workstations featuring, high-performance Micron components, to power their workflows. Meanwhile, all artists will have access to a shared 4K screening room. The Silverdraft team will collaborate with artists as they create their projects to deepen the understanding of workflow bottlenecks and challenges, and to deliver new solutions.

“As a freelance artist, I’m always pushed to deliver more, but with less time and for less money”, said editor and digital artist Brian Fox. “I’m really excited to take my project to the new SC3 lab to see firsthand how supercomputing technology can help me break that cycle. Real-time client attended sessions, with dramatically faster render times, will allow me to finally meet both the creativity and productivity requirements at the same time.”

Powered by leading-edge memory and flash storage developed by Micron, Silverdraft Devil & Demon supercomputers and workstations are highly application-optimized and deliver significantly faster performance at lower prices than off the shelf systems. This optimized performance significantly accelerates the post-production process by decreasing render times and powering real-time client-attended VFX and DI review sessions.

“Silverdraft’s Devil & Demon supercomputers and workstations have built a strong reputation by delivering scalable performance and flexibility that is unmatched by off-the-shelf PCs, but at a lower price”, said Ted Schilowitz, President of Silverdraft. “Independent content creators love our products because they need a never-ending supply of faster performance, but their budgets are always very constrained. The SC3 puts our technology to use and creates a blueprint for how supercomputing can change the way we design workflows. Our deeper understanding of the way artists work will help us to develop even better products in the future. We believe the SC3 will inspire and empower many up-and-coming content creators as they help to deliver the next generation of great stories.”

“Moving data quickly and reliably is at the core of all complex computing, and it’s especially critical in advanced motion graphics rendering,” said Steve Pawlowski, VP of advanced computing solutions at Micron. “We’re thrilled to see Silverdraft using our technology to build systems and services that will make a dramatic difference in how content is created.”


The SC3 is slated to open in the fall of 2015. For more information, or to have your upcoming project considered for the SC3, contact

About Silverdraft:

With offices in Boise, Idaho and at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, California, Silverdraft meets head-on the dramatic changes taking place in modern film and television production, and today’s fast paced post-production. As filmmakers require greater immediacy, efficiency, convenience and creative voice, Silverdraft answers with technology that provides unparalleled speed, security and value in support of their creative endeavors. Beyond the power of the server, Silverdraft can custom design a processing unit to your specifications, supercharging your system in ways never thought possible… or affordable. With proprietary technology already operating at speeds that exceed current industry standards, our systems are built to answer the challenge of the new world, where the terms “cost conscious” and “creative flexibility” must find a way to walk hand in hand. The Silverdraft supercomputer technology is a proprietary system that brings unprecedented data processing and information management within a manageable framework. Visit their website at:

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