SIM Digital Hosts Demo of Panasonic VariCam 35

SIM GroupCinematographer Theo van de Sande, ASC shares his experience in using the 4K “Ultra HD” camera on “Cheerleader Death Squad.”

TORONTO—Members of Toronto’s motion picture and television production community got a first-hand look at Panasonic’s new 4K “Ultra HD” digital cinema camera, the VariCam 35, in a special technology demonstration hosted by SIM Digital.

Award-winning cinematographer Theo van de Sande, ASC (Blade, Deliverance Creek) discussed his experience in using the new camera to shoot CW’s Cheerleader Death Squad, with cameras supplied by SIM Digital, as well as television projects for Amazon and CBS. He also conducted a live demonstration using the VariCam 35 in tandem with a Codex V-RAW Recorder to record raw 4K camera data. Immediate playback was accomplished via a Panasonic 4K projector and monitor.

“It was a great opportunity for our customers and colleagues to see what this new camera can do,” said SIM Digital, Toronto, General Manager Craig Milne. “We have had a great history with Panasonic products and believe this new camera is going to be a strong option for many of the DPs we work with.”


Michael Fawcett, Regional Account Manager for Panasonic Canada, noted that the VariCam 35 has received a warm embrace from the production community. “SIM Digital has purchased many VariCam 35 units and they are in steady use in the industry in North America,” he said. “The VariCam 35’s unique approach to dual ISO of 800 and 5000 is an industry first.”

“Many of the attendees were skeptical of this claim until Mr. Van De Sande showed content shot at IS0 5000 with very little noise artifacts,” Fawcett added. “That has allowed him greater freedom setting up lighting on set.”

Van De Sande observed that, in his view, VariCam 35 is “the ultimate filming machine. “Panasonic has made a smashing entrance into the world of digital cinema,” he said. “VariCAM 35 is digital cinema on steroids.”

Since its introduction last fall, VariCam 35 has been generating considerable buzz for its low light ability, clean look and 5000 ISO setting. On Cheerleader Death Squad, Van de Sande used the camera to capture in true 4K. That production also used the ACES framework to manage color from the set through post production.

SIM Digital has a history of championing new digital cinema technology and providing its clients with access to the latest industry solutions.

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