Simian Launches iPhone App “Simian Go!”

Simian Launches iPhone App “Simian Go!”
Access complete Simian Media and Reel Libraries, share
media, build reels and track sales presentations seamlessly from an
iPhone or iOS 7 device.
Laguna Niguel,
November 21, 2013—Simian, the global
leader in creative workflow and media management solutions, is
taking sales, marketing, production and team collaboration to the
next level today with the release of Simian Go!, an iOS app that
allows users to access existing media libraries, build reels and
track sales presentations through their iPhone or iOS 7 device.
Simian Go! is available as a free download through Apple’s App
. Simian Go! is designed to meet the needs of a
media industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile
technology to enhance productivity, improve communication and
increase sales. “Media professionals like producers and sales
representatives are constantly on the go,” says Simian COO Brian
Atton,  “and the ability to respond to sales leads and other
business is crucial. Ten minutes can sometimes mean the gain or
loss of a sale, so timing is critical. Simian Go! was developed
with the need for instant connectivity and response in mind.”
  Simian Go! enables users to quickly react to
opportunities from wherever they happen to be by providing easy,
one-click access to the most popular features of the
industry-leading Simian media management platform. Users can search
and review their entire media library, quickly build reels and send
them to potential clients as well as track each action with Simian
Real Time Analytics. They can see which emails have been opened and
which sales reels have been viewed, along with the number of views
and percentage viewed. Simian has been previewing Simian Go! to its
users and the response has been ecstatic. “People want to be able
to access their media while traveling, in business meetings and at
home,” says Atton. “Simian Go! is the perfect solution.”
About Simian: Simianâ„¢ takes the business of
managing digital media to the next level with an innovative
workflow and ideation platform designed by industry leaders for
industry leaders. Simian’s streamlined, yet highly flexible
platform has set the industry standard for online media sharing and
workflow solutions for creative companies. For more

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