Sinclair’s KSNV TV in Las Vegas enabled live demonstrations of NextGen TV applications at CES 2020

Photos of the NextGen TV booth demonstrations

Hunt Valley, MD, January 29, 2020: CES 2020 was a time of great excitement for advocates of ATSC 3.0/NexGen TV. For the first time, TV sets were displayed that could receive NextGen signals. Also for the first time were demonstrations of many applications using live NextGen signals from a TV station.

Before the Show began, Sinclair’s KSNV TV switched its back-up transmitter to NextGen TV, enabling the station to provide three live signals for a variety of demonstrations across the Show. The live signals were:

  1. A KSNV (NBC) simulcast of their live ATSC 1.0 primary transmission
  2. A sports-only service, including multiple angle views
  3. A local TV news-only service

The signals were then used in the following demonstrations:

At the ATSC booth, a live demonstration of a home viewing application
This Sinclair-sponsored demo showed how easy it can be for standard television sets to integrate multiple OTA broadcast channels into a streaming app using an ATSC 3.0 home gateway device (provided by DigiCAP). According to Michael E. Bouchard, VP of Technology Strategies at ONE Media /Sinclair, “Once an ATSC 3.0 home gateway is integrated into a home viewing environment, switching between OTA and OTT channels is as easy as switching between OTT programs.”

At the Samsung and SK Telecom booths, live demonstrations of automotive applications
At both booths, live NextGen TV signals were shown on rear passenger monitors. In addition, the Samsung booth showed multiple angle sports programming on a passenger side monitor.

At the CES Saankhya Labs suite, demonstrations of NextGen TV mobile technologies
Live demonstrations highlighted the increased versatility of their NextGen TV mobile receiver technology. Saankhya showed mobile reception with three different middleware stacks that can drive four different devices: A tablet, mobile phone, Saankhya dongle, and DigiCAP Home Gateway device.

CES 2020 saw ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV gaining more acceptance. For the first time at a CES show, visitors could see NextGen-enabled TV sets on display, as well as a series of live NextGen TV demonstrations for home, mobile, sports, and automotive applications.

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