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Job Opening: Software Developer – 2017 Campus Graduate


Position: Software Developer – 2017 Campus Graduate
Company: Hulu
Location: Santa Monica CA US

Hulu is a premium streaming TV destination that seeks to captivate and connect viewers with the stories they love. We create amazing experiences that celebrate the best of entertainment and technology. We’re looking for great people who are passionate about redefining TV through innovation, unconventional thinking and embracing fun. It’s a mission that takes some serious smarts, intense curiosity and determination to be the best. Come be part of the team that’s powering play.

Our Santa Monica Team focuses on the following areas: Ad Platform, Content Platform, Core Services. Customer and Marketing Platform, Data Platform and Metrics Data Sciences, Dev Ops, Payments, Core, Site and Mobile.

Our Seattle Team focuses on the following areas: Client Metrics, Content Services, Mobile, and Living Room


  • Contribute to the design and implementation of video streaming applications
  • Invent novel solutions to challenging technical problems
  • Improve performance, scalability, and availability of our internal systems
  • Diagnose and debug issues in production environments
  • Collaborate with researchers, program managers, and product designers in an open, agile environment


  • Completed Bachelor’s/M.S degree in Computer Science or related technical field come 2017
  • A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals
  • Proficiency with at least one of the following languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python
  • In-depth knowledge of web-service/data-driven application architecture
  • Involvement in open-source or side projects outside of your CS academics
  • The ability to jump into a project and contribute immediately to both design & implementation
  • Great communication and willingness to take challenges head on, while being part of a team


  • You fall asleep thinking of ways to search through 100 billion sheep
  • You recently had a nightmare that involved an unbalanced red-black binary tree
  • You can compress better than H.265
  • Your recent open-source app is now trending on GitHub
  • You rule at ping-pong, foosball and street fighter
  • You’re the kind of developer who obsesses over code design, monitoring services, and jumps at the opportunity to take on new math challenges

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