Sohonet Makes Real-Time Collaboration More Affordable with New Updates to ClearView Flex

Sohonet, the global experts in network connectivity and remote collaboration services for the film, television and advertising industries, has announced new updates to ClearView Flex, to make real-time collaboration both more affordable and accessible.

ClearView Flex Starter will offer a reduced cost entry-level service for those with basic remote review requirements. The new offering will bring the same award-winning remote review experience with streaming up to 2K 8-bit (4:2:0) video, stereo sound to up to 10 Mac/PC, Android or iOS devices with minimal bandwidth requirements. ClearView Flex Starter will be offered from as little as $990/£760 per month on a pay-as-you-go basis via credit card starting November 1.

Chuck Parker, CEO at Sohonet says,  “We’re committed to making high quality, ultra-low latency review accessible to individuals and projects of any size or budget.” He adds, “Despite the continued return of production activity across the industry, many teams are affected by social distancing measures and stay at home orders.  Our goal is to make ClearView Flex as ‘flexible’ as possible.”

Over the next two weeks, the update will also see all existing ClearView Flex Pro customers upgraded at no charge with the ability to stream to up to 20 viewers per session to facilitate larger team reviews and offset production streaming use cases.

ClearView Flex Pro is the advanced offering for those looking for higher quality color and audio review with 10-bit (4:2:0) colour, 5.1 surround sound, Apple TV support and higher bitrate streaming.

ClearView Flex is part of the ClearView product family, Sohonet’s real-time, remote collaboration toolkit for M&E teams which includes “critical review” quality-focused service ClearView Pivot and Pivot Lite. To learn more about Sohonet and ClearView Flex, please visit:

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