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SolidTrack and Encodacam build strong partnership combining their innovative technologies and sharing offices in Los Angeles


SolidAnim, a leader in the development of on-set virtual tracking equipment and visualization software, announced its technological partnership with the market-leading real-time virtual production company Encodacam and SolidAnim’s division SolidTrack. The companies join their expertise and technology in shared offices based in Los Angeles to provide customers with a complete and innovative production service.

The longstanding relationship of the companies resulted from a common passion of the cinema and a real desire to provide innovative and creative solutions for cinema production. SolidTrack’s and Encodacam’s technology has been utilized in films such as I Robot, Speed Racer, Wolverine, Alice in Wonderland, Hugo, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

General Lift designs and builds precision motion control camera systems that in conjunction with Kuper Controls, another General Lift company, have provided unparalleled capability for hundreds of motion pictures and thousands of commercials.  General Lift brings over 30 years experience in visual effects production and over 12 years in virtual production both in films and broadcast.   Encodacam, a division of General Lift, provides the capability to track in any complex environment.  SolidTrack and Encodacam will be based in General Lift’s offices in El Segundo, California.

SolidAnim provides a real time camera tracking solution for recording camera moves and data logging of camera moves on the virtual set.  SolidAnim has developed a strong reputation with its SolidTrack solution, a simple yet versatile markerless camera tracking system for the film and broadcast industries, which was launched in 2011 specifically to address virtual production needs.  SolidTrack’s flexibility allows filmmakers to shoot both indoors and outdoors with the same high quality results.

SolidTrack brings a revolutionary approach providing a more ergonomic and intuitive solution dedicated to camera tracking and visualization of complex VFX shots, dealing with green screen compositing, 3D rendering, and complex camera moves.  Producers achieve greater control of VFX budgets and timescales, minimizing wastage and ensuring efficient delivery from previz to the final movie or television show.  Compared to traditional shooting methods producers save approximately 30% time on a film or television show utilizing SolidTrack.

SolidAnim SolidTrack was used successfully on Da Vinci’s Demons (2012), Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (2014) and is currently being used on Gods of Egypt filming in Sydney, Australia.

Joe Lewis, General Lift and Encodacam founder, states, “I had been searching for a new camera tracking solution that had to surpass everything else that was out there. SolidTrack not only jumped way over everything out there from a technology standpoint but also from the very intelligent implementation of software tools that aid a production in the beginning from ease of use on set all the way through to post production with tools that export data in formats that they all use.”

About Encodacam and General Lift:

After art school and a year on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”; Joe worked as a designer and pilot of the world’s largest hot air blimp, then as the flight technician for the world’s only working Rocket Backpack before founding General Lift in 1981 to develop alternative flying devices without wings.

Hollywood called again and Joe concentrated on designing and building portable precision motion control systems that could easily be sent to locations and on the film stage as well. 20 years later, Encodacam was founded to help filmmakers to see backgrounds created virtually and allow creative decisions to be made that were transparent to the technology behind it all.

About SolidAnim:

SolidAnim was founded in 2007 by Isaac Partouche and its two co-founders Jean-François Szlapka and Emmanuel Linot who put together their different skills in VFX, Animation and Cinema fields to build a highly efficient and passionate team.

The company launched SolidTrack, an innovative real time camera tracking solution for fitting to virtual production needs. The solution has built a reputation for building simple yet versatile markerless camera tracking systems for the film and broadcast industries, growing into a multi-faceted business.

The company has collaborated on television and advertising productions and also important film productions such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter and Hugo Cabret.



SolidAnim Contact: Lamia Nouri, Marketing & Communications Manager

[email protected], +33 1 46 70 96 43

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