Soliton Systems – New European Headquarters with Immediate New Customer!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 12 January 2016 – Soliton Systems, an established Japanese manufacturer of camera based real-time encoding and live 3G/4G video streaming over mobile networks, announces a new European sales and support office. The technology company, with over 500 people employed in its parent company in Japan, has opened its first European office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Soliton Systems manufactures the Smart -telecaster “Zao” product, which is used for live events and news environments to stream live video content, over traditional mobile 3G or 4G networks, back to the broadcast and playout environment. The Zao product was the first global mobile H.265 transmitter.soliton image

Broadcasters, news productions and sports production are always looking to innovate and reduce costs. Live production used to depend on microwave or fixed lines to stream video content. Then mobile transmitters fixed to camera’s allowed instant live coverage with a smaller device, which has much lower costs, and is more transportable than traditional means. With the recent advent of the relatively new H.265 encoding standard, combined with 4G networks, this has allowed transmissions of high resolution video with low latency at a very affordable cost.

In addition, it is possible to install up to 6 modems with the Zao product, each one can be from different mobile carriers. By using its own “RASCOW” technology, the Zao product can load balance in real time across all the carriers so if one carrier should become busy, or the camera is in an environment where it is being carried at speed where signal strengths change, the Zao product can adapt accordingly and use the maximum bandwidth available at any given time, from any given telecom carrier.

“We are really excited about opening our new Amsterdam office” says Mogens Jensen, the Managing Director of Soliton Systems Europe. “We have already been tested with a major Dutch service provider against their existing supplier, and as a consequence we are pleased to announce we have been selected and so we are already winning new business. This is a major testament of our technology.”

Jensen also adds “Soliton Systems continues to innovate; the road-map is very rich. We have already introduced a new GPS mobile video streaming system and there are new products in the pipeline.”

Soliton Systems route to market is via range of resellers across EMEA. They are on the look-out for new resellers so any partners that are interested should contact them directly.

About Soliton Systems: Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with offices in Europe, USA and China, manufacture a range of video streaming, video encoding and security products. Their flagship product, the Zao Smart Telecaster, is in use by a range of global broadcasters, news and sport production companies, and emergency service providers.


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