Soliton Zao-SH Ultra Low Latency Mobile Video Encoder for Live Streaming, Teleoperation, and 5G Applications

The Zao-SH is Soliton’s newest portable video H.265 encoder that compresses video in real-time and transmits full HD with ultra low glass-to-glass latency of 65ms over 4G and 35ms over LAN.  Developed in Japan, the Zao-SH enables an encrypted live stream from a camera, drone, vehicle, body camera to be transmitted from anywhere in the world.  The Zao-SH hadware is a 5G compatible H.265 ultra-low latency live video transmitter equipped with next-generation video processing and transmission technology.

In addition to live broadcasting, the Zao-SH is also capable of remotely controlling automobiles and construction equipment for teleoperation applications.  Leveraging 5G networks with the Zao-SH, high-quality videos with two-way audio and remote control signals can be transmitted within limited network delay.   As faster 5G networks are launched, the Zao-SH will be capable of reaching even lower latencies and serve a variety of future applications.  Broadcast customers can utilize the HD-SDI output and cellular bonding technology with combines the signal of multiple 4G SIM cards and/or LAN connections into one connection to reliably transmit video.

The Linux based receiver software decodes multiple live video transmission and outputs it with almost zero latency.  Reliable and fast live broadcasts for journalism and live sports applications are seamless using the Zao-SH and the Blackmagic Design Decklink 8K Pro output card for 1080i/59.94FPS video/audio output.

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