Sony expands UWP-D series with new 2-channel slot-in Wireless receiver and bodypack transmitter

New ENG audio solution enhances high-quality

audio capture with Sony camcorders

At CCW, Sony is introducing a new 2-channel slot-in receiver, URX-S03D, and a new bodypack transmitter, UTX-B03HR. Both are designed for compatibility with Sony camcorders. The URX-S03D is the first two-channel portable receiver in Sony’s UWP-D series that fits in the slot of Sony camcorders utilizing a D-sub 15-pin interface for audio and power connections. The UTX-B03HR bodypack transmitter is matched perfectly with the URX-S03D and incorporates a reliable 4-pin Hirose microphone connector.

Since its launch in 2014, Sony’s UWP-D series wireless microphone systems have been used by broadcasters for news production and a range of production applications including live events and documentary use, achieving high-quality sound and stable wireless transmission based on Sony’s cutting edge digital audio processing technologies.

URX-S03D, 2-channel slot-in wireless Receiver

Stable RF transmission and High-quality sound

This two-channel system can receive two different RF signals in one receiver unit. The true diversity reception system achieves highly stable reception thanks to its two receiving antennas and separate RF circuits for each channel. RF signals from the two antennas are compared and the stronger signal is automatically selected for output, allowing the URX-S03D to reduce possible interruptions in reception to a minimum. Sony’s Digital Audio Processing, which uses DSP (digital signal processing) for digital companding, further contributes to high quality sound and allows for backward compatibility with previous generations of Sony Wireless.

Compatibility with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders

The URX-S03D fits in the slot of qualifying Sony XDCAM camcorders with 2-channel direct digital audio connection. It can also be matched with the slot of an HDCAM camcorder providing 2-CH Mixed Audio via a single channel audio connection. In addition, monitoring of the AF/RF status of the URX-S03D is provided via the viewfinder of supported Sony camcorders.

User-friendly functions

  • Automatic channel setting with IR Sync: Scans and determines available Frequencies and sends information to the transmitter to complete the channel setting automatically.
  • Active channel scan detects Sony Transmitters within the same Frequency Group.
  • Large display and simple menu for easy operation
  • Wide Bandwidth (up to 72MHz)

The URX-S03D is compatible with Sony’s UWP-V Series / WL-800 Series. In addition to   slot-in operation, V-mount and mixer bag operation is available using a wireless adapter such as the DWA-01D or DWA-F01D.

UTX-B03HR bodyback transmitter

The new UTX-B03HR is equipped with a 4-pin Hirose microphone connector designed to withstand the rigors of ENG shooting. A standard broadcast lavalier microphone such as the ECM-77BC can be used with the new Transmitter connector.

Key Features:

– Sony’s Digital Audio Processing

– Compatibility with UWP-V Series / WL-800 Series

– Extremely compact, lightweight, and robust metal body

– USB for power supply or charging batteries

– Switchable MIC/LINE input level

– Attenuator (21 dB in3-dB steps)

– IR Sync w/ Receiver for easy channel set-up

– Wide Bandwidth (up to 72MHz)

Both the URX-S03D and UTX-B03HR are planned to be available in spring 2016.

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