Soul Movie Italy Invests in Grass Valley Live Production Solutions

OB vans equipped with LDX 86N WorldCam cameras

MONTREAL, June 26, 2018 — Soul Movie, one of the leading production and post-production houses in Rome, has turned to Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to equip two of its OB vans with LDX 86WorldCam cameras and XCU Universe XF base stations. Working with system integrator Professional Show, Soul Movie chose the Grass Valley solution specifically for the flexibility in the connectivity of the cameras. The equipment will be deployed for live events, concerts and various sporting events.

Francesco de Siena, CEO, Soul Movie comments, “After thorough research, we were confident that there was no other manufacturer providing the same level of performance and value of Grass Valley. We selected the LDX 86N WorldCam cameras because they offer a state-of-the-art picture quality and production flexibility, which is especially crucial for the productions in our new studios at our headquarters in Rome. In addition, the cameras are software upgradeable, which means we can use all of our LDX 86N Series cameras at the same time in XtremeSpeed operation (6X super slow motion) when required.”

“At Professional Show, we welcomed the challenge of building the OB truck with Grass Valley’s latest live production solutions, including Grass Valley’s LDX Series cameras to suit Soul Movie’s needs. The LDX 86N WorldCam cameras produce native HD/3G quality and can be upgraded to native 4K UHD, HDR and high-speed acquisition with GV-eLicense for the duration of a project without having to buy it permanently. The cradle concept of the XCU allows for easy moving of the cameras between different OB vans for outstanding flexibility and the highest utilisation,” states Fabio Veggiato, CEO of Professional Show.

“We are delighted that Soul Movie turned to Grass Valley as its preferred choice among all other competitors to invest for the future. This significant purchase further secures Soul Movie’s position as the premier leader of live productions in the broadcasting industry in Italy. They can confidently deliver the best quality among all their competitors with a flexible solution that allows them to take advantage of multiple formats and GV camera’s unique DirectIP solution without changing anything on the camera side,” states Jan-Pieter van Welsem, vice president sales, Grass Valley.

The LDX 86N Series is specifically designed for the most demanding live broadcast applications. Together with the XCU Universe XF base stations, the LDX 86N cameras are able to meet Soul Movie’s broadcast requirements of today and tomorrow.


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