Sound Devices’ 633 Captures Savory Audio for Italian Television Show, Melaverde

 MILAN, ITALY, JANUARY 27, 2016 — From the age of 15, Matia Strang had a passion for sound. That enthusiasm and determination led to early work as a boom operator in his native Italy. Through his hard work and desire to learn the craft, Strang began to seek out additional opportunities and responsibilities while working on various projects. Three years ago, Strang’s hard work paid off as he was named Sound Supervisor on Melaverde, one of the most watched programs on the popular Channel 5 in Italy. matia strang 1


Designed and produced by Giacomo Tiraboschi, Melaverde airs every Sunday with hosts Ellen Hidding and Edoardo Raspelli. Each show sets out to rediscover the ancient flavors, recipes, and culinary traditions that gave rise to treasured local and regional Italian dishes. Having equipment that can handle Strang’s ever-changing production schedule, and that withstands various recording conditions of a show constantly on the move, is crucial. matia strang 2


Strang was first introduced to Sound Devices by Sound Engineer Daniel S. McCoy, CAS, owner and operator of ToneMesa, Inc., a Los Angeles-based location and post-production audio company. “I was lucky enough to meet and work with Daniel in Italy when he was shooting in Lucca. He was using Sound Devices’ 664. When I asked him about it, he was more than happy to sit down with me to discuss the product. I went on to purchase a 664 and later added a 633 to my rig. I am now a believer in Sound Devices.” matia strang 3


The 633’s compact size, reliability, and abundance of features make it the perfect choice when working on a show like Melaverde, which requires Strang to record in various climates and landscapes.


“A lot of times on the show we find ourselves doing interviews in the middle of nowhere. We could be taking helicopters up into the middle of the frozen Alps or heading to southern Italy to a hot and dry tomato field, and I know the 633 is always going to work exactly how I expect it to,” says Strang, “With the 633, I can easily adapt from one situation to another. I can change the setting of everything — from tracks, mix, recording, and microphones  — in ten seconds, or go into the files, select one track, and correct the tape number, in five seconds. I can’t do that with any other device, and it’s really quite remarkable.


“The construction of Sound Devices’ 6-Series recorders is amazing,” adds Strang. “The fader on the 633 is the most comfortable fader I have ever used. You can move it with one finger, which is really useful when you are also booming and you only have one hand to manage four tracks. It allows me to mix and record with one hand while I have the boom in my other hand. I plan on using Sound Devices for many years to come.”

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