Sound Devices, LLC, Timecode Systems and PureBlend Release Integrated Wireless Workflow

JULY 6, 2016 – Sound Devices, LLC, Timecode Systems and PureBlend announce the release of firmware and software upgrades that are set to make sharing timecode and metadata on set more streamlined than ever before. By allowing a seamless exchange of data between Sound Devices‘ 6-Series mixer/recorders, the Timecode Systems :wave timecode and genlock generator, and PureBlend’s MovieSlate 8.5 iOS app, the upgrades integrate the capabilities of the three companies to more efficiently manage metadata and transport controls within the production workflow. 

“Higher expectations, greater competition and tighter budgets mean production teams today are under pressure to save as much time and effort as possible,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “A well thought through, integrated workflow can reduce timescales and costs by making information easier to access and giving production teams more power over the process. This is exactly what our collaboration delivers – more accurate data, enhanced efficiency and greater control.”

To set up this integrated workflow, a Timecode Systems :wave unit operates as the master timecode clock, transmitting wireless timecode and sync data to all connected devices. The receiving units then output linear timecode (LTC) and genlock to their connected cameras.

With this latest upgrade, users can now also sync and share metadata and timecode via a bespoke Timecode Systems Sync lead from the :wave’s data port to the USB port on a Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder. This not only ensures all recorded sound files contain the same accurate timecode as the cameras, but also allows full exchange of metadata and the capability to wirelessly monitor status and enable the device using Timecode Systems’ free multi-platform B:LINK Hub production dashboard app.

“A lack of commonly agreed ways of working has, in the past, been one of the barriers slowing down the pace of change when it comes to optimizing digital workflows,” said Paul Isaacs, Director of Project Management and Design, Sound Devices, LLC. “Our users want technology that works better together. This is exactly what this integration delivers, by not only providing the data they require with absolute accuracy, but also allowing production team members to share it with minimal effort.”

The MovieSlate 8.5 application, which runs on iOS 8, 9, or 10, connects to the :wave’s integrated WiFi interface, allowing users to remotely control Sound Devices‘ 6-Series mixers/recorders – to start/stop recordings, arm/name sound tracks, sync timecode, edit metadata – and effortlessly generate stunning sound reports. All of this is possible with a MovieSlate 8.5 Pro Features purchase.

“Customers told us what they wanted: a mobile app for remotely controlling their Sound Devices 6-Series mixers/recorders, arming/naming recorder tracks, syncing timecode/metadata and quickly generating daily sound reports,” said Cliff Joyce, CEO of PureBlend Software, the company behind MovieSlate 8.5. “We’re pleased to announce that all this is now a reality, thanks to our collaboration with Timecode Systems and Sound Devices.”

The firmware upgrades to the Timecode Systems :wave and Sound Devices 6-Series mixers/recorders are free to existing users. The latest update of the MovieSlate 8.5 app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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