Sound Devices Shows Off Its Range of Audio and Video Products at 2016 NAB New York

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 25, 2016Sound Devices, LLC will showcase its latest audio and video product offerings at NAB New York (Booth 1348). For its audio line, Sound Devices will display the new Wingman wireless interface app for its 6-Series mixer/recorders. Additionally, the company will feature its full line of Video Devices PIX-E Series recording monitors, which are the world’s only on-camera monitors to offer simultaneous ProRes and H.264 recording capabilities. The new Video Devices PIX-Base — a sturdy, flexible mounting accessory for the PIX-E Series — will also be featured at the show. sound-devices-wingmanapp-onboth-ipad-iphone-1


Wingman is an iOS-based application that, when paired with the new WM-Connect Bluetooth® Smart USB accessory, enables users to start and stop audio recordings, enter and edit metadata, as well as arm, disarm, and rename tracks directly from an iPhone® or iPad®. It also gives users touchscreen access to manage sound report information, create sound reports on the mixer, and the ability to email those reports (.csv files) from the iOS device.


“We are excited to demo Wingman for those attending NAB New York,” says Matt Anderson, President, Sound Devices, LLC. “The Wingman app offers a production team convenience and workflow functionality on set or in the field. Wingman gives users a clear view of their metering and timecode display on a larger touchscreen. The interface is easy to use and puts control in the palm of your hand. For workflows requiring remote-control access, this is an economical and seamless option.”


Also on display from their Video Devices brand, the PIX-E Series of 4K-compatible recording monitors. The PIX-E Series (PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and PIX-E7) will be on display showcasing H.264 codec recording feature. Supported for viewing on all PCs, Macs, and browsers, the H.264 codec offers a balance between compression and quality, resulting in low data rates and compact file sizes. These qualities make H.264 a commonly used codec for web streaming and long duration recording. The codec also makes for quicker file uploads and easier emailing of recorded files. Only PIX-E users have the ability to simultaneously record a high-quality, edit-ready Apple® ProRes file and a more compact H.264 MP4


The new PIX-E accessory PIX-Base will also be available for an up close and personal view. PIX-Base is an easily adjustable, table-top mount. It is designed using durable, anodized aluminum that collapses flat for easy storage and transport. PIX-Base offers an alternative to the camera-mount setup, opening the door to more convenient use when recording live events. Users who require multiple recorded versions now have a reliable and affordable way to monitor, control, and record live programming from tabletop or wall-mount setups.


“The new PIX-Base is a unique accessory that expands the use of the PIX-E Series for live events and other applications where having a tabletop setup is more practical,” says Anderson. “We are continually looking for ways to evolve and expand the use of PIX-E recording monitors with convenient, economical add-ons, such as the innovative PIX-LR audio interface and the new PIX-Base.”


PIX-Base includes a standard 1/4-inch, 20-thread screw with thumbwheel knob, rubber feet to minimize vibrations and prevent sliding, a bubble level, 7-inch hook-and-loop strap to secure cables, and hex key to make angle adjustments on the fly. The accessory’s interlocking base allows multiple PIX-Bases to be linked together securely for multiple screen monitoring on more complex shoots. While it pairs perfectly with the PIX-E Series, the PIX-Base can attach to any device with a 1/4-inch, 20-thread screw hole, including the PIX 240i video recorder or Sound Devices MixPre-D, portable 2-channel mixer.


Founded in 1998, Sound Devices, LLC, designs both Sound Devices audio products and Video Devices video products. Sound Devices offers portable audio mixers, digital audio recorders and related equipment for feature film, episodic television, documentary, news gathering, live-event, and acoustical test and measurement applications. Video Devices offers digital video monitors, recorders and related products that address a range of video productions, including fast-paced studio applications, live sports, and events, as well as mobile, TV, film, and documentary productions.


The Sound Devices, LLC, headquarters is located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Additional offices are located in Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago. For more information, visit the Sound Devices and/or Video Devices websites: and

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