Soundly Cloud-based Sound Effects Service and Editing Application Now Available

Oslo, Norway, December 8th, 2016Soundly, a startup audio technology company, today released Soundly, a cloud-based sound effects library and workflow tool. Soundly represents a completely new approach to sound effects access and editing. A cloud-based sound library with access to thousands of premium sound effects and a powerful workflow tool, Soundly lets video and audio editors instantly search the cloud or local sound libraries, customize sounds, and place them to picture instantly, wherever they have an Internet connection. Traditional sound effect libraries can be expensive, hard to use, and not very portable. Content creators know that good sound can make or break a video or film, and Soundly was created to give affordable access to thousands of sounds along with access to a community of specialist sound designers.
Available immediately from for Mac or PC, Soundly is free to download and includes access to 300 sounds. The Premium SaaS version includes 6000+ premium sound effects, full sound catalog indexing, access to the Soundly store for specialized in-app purchases, and access to 100,000+ more sounds from to use within Soundly all for only $14.99 per month.


“Professional sound designers typically have access to libraries of sound that they work with on a daily basis. Soundly lets them index their local libraries while also giving them access to thousands of fresh and constantly evolving sound effects available in the cloud,” said Christian Schaanning, Co-founder of Soundly. “For video editors, there’s never been a more affordable way to find the right sound and get it into your project quickly no matter where you are.”


Soundly is a unique, turnkey solution for adding sound to picture, containing not only an online library of sound, but also a specialized application for editing and placing sounds. With a simple click, Soundly subscribers can instantly audition any sound and edit it on-the-fly using the waveform view before dragging and dropping the desired portion of the sound into popular editing applications like Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic and FCP, Avid Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere Pro. With Soundly, multiple steps are avoided from traditional workflows saving valuable time for editors.
“Soundly is the fastest SFX tool I have ever used,” said Thomas Trelnes, video editor at Uhort in Oslo. “I counted my steps to get SFX from my previous tool into Premiere Pro; it was 11 steps! With Soundly, I’ve taken that down to down to 3 steps which can literally save me hours on a project.”


Utilizing a cloud-based library gives audio and video editors the flexibility to work from any location with access to a world-class sound library. There are no disks to carry or lose, so switching editing applications, rooms, or operating systems is never a problem. For content creators without a large traditional sound library, a low-cost SaaS model for a constantly evolving sound library represents a great value. For editors who already own libraries, Soundly enables the fastest search, access, and placement of those effects all within one single application.


“When I am working in Pro Tools, if I have a 5 minute atmos track in the cloud, I’ve got to import the whole thing, drop it somewhere else on the timeline, audition it, trim it down to what I need, and move it to the correct place on the timeline. With Soundly, I simply play it, select the bit I want, and drag just what I want straight into the right place on the Pro Tools timeline. Job done,” said Mike Thornton, editor at Pro Tools Expert.


“After an intensive public testing for a full year (and 5 years in development), Soundly is finally out of beta and ready to meet the world,” said Peder Jørgensen, Lead Developer and co-founder at Soundly. “Our beta testers tell us we have created the world’s easiest way to get and use sound effects – a true game-changer for everyone involved in content creation.”


Core features in Soundly:

  • Instant Searchto quickly find the sounds across cloud libraries + local files
  • Accesssound effects in the cloud from anywhere in the world
  • Tweak & Editpitch, speed and reverse on any sound, and hear the results in real-time
  • The Storeallows additional free and premium sound effects libraries – immediately delivered
  • Import Local Files– including metadata – to easily manage your existing SFX collections
  • Drag and Dropwhole sound files – or snippets – from the Soundly cloud straight into your project
  • Access the extensive org library directly from within Soundly
  • Smart, lossless compression for lightning fast transfers
  • Index local wav, aiff, mp3 and flac files up to 192khz 32bit from mono to 5.1.
  • Reads metadata from production music libraries in mp3 format
  • Built on Google’s infrastructure for unparalleled redundancy, safety and speed
  • Available for both Mac and Windows


**See the Soundly demo video from creators Christian and Peder here
Available now from


  • Free – 300 sound effects included
  • Premium – 14.99 per month, with 6000+ premium sound effects, full sound catalog indexing, advanced store, includes access to Freesound to use within Soundly
  • 24 Hour Pass – $9.99 – Premium access for 24 hours
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