Soundly Launches New Sound Effects Library Tool


The Soundly Company announced today that they have released its new and  groundbreaking cloud-based sound effects library and workflow system known simply as Soundly. The system is compatible with both Mac and Windows and, quite literally, can put thousands of different sounds at any producer’s fingertips.

Soundly, based in Oslo, Norway, is a startup audio technology company founded by a pair of highly experienced sound designers, Christian Schaanning and Peder Jorgenson. The two founders wanted to create a system that would bring a new and novel approach to sound effects access and editing. With an internet connection, the system allows editors and producers to instantly search and upload sounds from the thousands located in the unique cloud-based system.

The founders of Soundly know all too well the challenges of sound effects libraries. They knew first hand that such libraries are not all that portable, can be difficult to use and can, quite often, be rather expensive to deploy. The two entrepreneurs have brought a blending of experience with regard to sound design and UX-focused software development.

The major features of the new Soundly system include:

  • An instant search capability that allows users to locate sounds across both local files and a cloud library. In addition, sound effects can be easily accessed from any location in the world. The system also allows users to edit and perfect speed, pitch and reverse on any sound chosen and have the ability to hear those changes and edits in real time.
  • Management of your current SFX collections just got easier with the ability to immediately import existing files, including metadata. Entire sound files or snippets can be easily dragged and dropped into any current project. Also, the entire library can be easily accessed and used through the Soundly tool.
  • The entire system is constructed on Google’s infrastructure so that there is unequaled redundancy, speed and absolute safety. It also has smart and lossless compression for almost instantaneous transfers. Users can also access wav, mp3, aiff and flac files up to 192khz 32 bit from mono to 5.1. The system is also capable of reading metadata from production music libraries in mp3 format.

One Soundly client, The Los Angeles Film School, has been highly satisfied with their results. Andreas De La Torres, the school’s sound design instructor, commented: “Soundly has changed the way my students think and work on their sound design projects. It is so easy to use and so versatile that it has also allowed me, as a teacher, to demystify the art of sound design and focus on the creative rather than the technical.”

The Soundly system, right now, can be downloaded at and contains 300 different sound effects. The premium Saas version, however, contains over 6,000 sounds and effects which also includes full sound catalog indexing and immediate access to over 100,000 more sounds and effects.

Aside from the simplicity of its design, Soundly enables sound professionals to edit and place sounds and to immediately be able to edit them quickly using the waveform view before dropping and dragging the sounds into the project. Workflow is streamlined because so many multiple steps have been removed so that ease and speed enables editors to save both time and money.

J. C. Richardson is the Sound Designer for the long-running animated television series Archer, which runs on the FX television channel. He said of the Soundly system: “I started using Soundly on the tail end of Archer, season 7, and fell in love. What really amazes me is how fast the search and audition from the cloud is even on a wide range of internet speeds. It always feels like I am auditioning fresh sounds which, in turn, will inspire me to go in a direction I hadn’t planned on.”

Co-founder of Soundly, Peder Jorgenson, knows what a long and exciting road it has been. He reflects that, “After an intensive public testing for one year, and five years in development, Soundly is, finally, out of beta and ready to meet the world. Our beta testers tell us we have created the world’s easiest way to get and use sound effects; a true game changer for everyone involved in content creation.”


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