With coverage of over 30 sports already available, the Sportall marketplace allows sports rightsholders to succeed in their digital transformation, helping them achieve a strong digital media coverage across web and mobile App OTT platforms as well as social media. Sportall, alongside key partners such as Wildmoka, offer an end-to-end video platform, spanning from initial video contribution through to the end-viewer interface that fans can enjoy.

Sportall’s dynamic and automated management of live sports coverage, coupled with Wildmoka’s editing and hyper-distribution capabilities allow rightsholders to deliver a huge amount of video content of different nature, such as:

  • Live streaming of events (simultaneously across multiple digital platforms, and in 1080p)
  • Clips in near real-time throughout the event, to create buzz and encourage fans on social media to switch to the OTT platform livestream
  • Highlight reels such as game summaries and full replays for anyone who missed the live event
  • Teasers to ensure extensive promotion


All content is broadcast on the Sportallplatform (www.sportall.tv) and/or the rightsholders’ own platform, as is already being done by AthleTV (www.athletv.fr ), FightNation (tv.fight-nation.com), FutsalZone (www.futsalzone.tv) and UECtv (tv.uec.ch). Each of Sportall’s partnering sports organisations automatically benefit from all capabilities offered by the end-to-end solution, at no extra cost.

A partnership to push the boundaries of digital broadcasting

Building on its success and strong presence in France, Sportall is pleased to announce its expansion overseas in order to meet significant international demand. Wildmoka will join and support Sportall in this international growth, addressing, in particular, the needs of Wildmoka’s premium customers.


“Sportall has developed a highly innovative business model, together with an end-to-end technical platform that allows rightsholders to Live stream the entirety of their competitions, and make them more widely available across digital channels.” says Cristian Livadotti, Wildmoka CEO. “This model is unique, and allows democratisation of access to content that has, up until now, been reserved for the world of premium. We’re proud to be one of the technical founding partners of the Sportall solution.”

Thierry Boudard, Sportall CEO, adds: “We couldn’t be launching Sportall internationally with a better technology partner than Wildmoka. This relationship allows us to provide THE gold standard in video platforms for all sporting rightsholders, and we’re very proud of it.”

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