Sports OTT platform StreamViral launches into the US Market with CP Communications

OTT American Football with StreamViral
OTT American Football with StreamViral

StreamViral, an emerging OTT platform provider ideally placed for lower league sports leagues, federations and niche sports, has announced CP Communications as their first reseller partner of choice for the US Market.

CP Communications and its subsidiary brand Red House Streaming, headquartered in St Petersburg, Florida, has a pedigree in developing turnkey live production solutions for a range of broadcast and enterprise sport production companies across North America, with a wide geographically located support network to match.

Kurt Heitmann, CEO of CP Communications explains “The appetite for on-demand sports in the US market is exploding and not just within the major leagues. Many of the minor leagues, grassroot sports and college games are seeing an increase in demand for viewing and are looking at more fan engagement initiatives, especially where they can monetize their content.  StreamViral offers a customizable broadcast channel, which ideally suits them. This allows them to grow their fanbase both locally and globally and comes complete with a range of feature functionality to facilitate that.”

StreamViral create customized OTT online channels where both live content and content on demand (VOD) that can be played out to range of viewing devices. This can include PCs, mobile tablets, Smartphones and even to applications on SmartTVs where people like to consume content on the big screen.  Sports customers take full control of their own TV channel and media rights with different payment options for content. StreamViral pride themselves on utilizing the same enterprise cloud-based platforms and delivery mechanisms that many of the major broadcasters use for their own playout platforms, making it extremely reliable and highly scalable for subscribers, but at a price point that makes it affordable for even the smallest of organizations.

Heitmann continues “As we seek the best-of-breed streaming services to complement our product offerings, StreamViral stood out in our quest to help our customers choose the most effective cloud-based OTT platform for their live streaming needs.”

Mark Andrews, Chief Commercial Officer at StreamViral comments “As an 18-month-old company, we have grown quickly and we have been eyeing the US market but feeling we need the right local partner to help and support us. We are thrilled that CP Communications have decided to sign up as we ride the OTT revolution for sports clubs wanting a professional broadcast channel.  We will support CP Communications and all their customers, and their customers’ customers, ensuring that everyone in the implementation managing and viewing chain has a positive experience when working with StreamViral.”

With an expectation that the Sports media streaming rights are expected to grow from current $50 billion to $85 billion in revenues by 2024, according to a ReThink report, Stream Viral are well positioned to offer existing sports clubs and leagues the opportunity to create a subscription-based online TV channel.  With a shared risk or reward model on offer, it allows everyone from the smaller club to major organizations to monetize their own content and create their own customized broadcast channel.

Anyone wishing to find out more should contact Stream Viral which can be done via the StreamViral website.

About StreamViral: Based in the UK and supporting global customers, StreamViral offer the most comprehensive Over-The-Top (OTT) as a service video-streaming platform for sports leagues and federations. Their end-to-end white-label solutions are ideally placed to offer live streaming, video-on demand (VOD), encoding, user management, content protection and delivery services. The platform can be customized for branded apps. Their solutions are built on our powerful media cloud platforms, which provides unrivalled flexibility and power across the entire delivery workflow. Contact Stream Viral at for additional information.

About CP Communications: For more than three decades, CP Communications has provided high-quality, cost-effective live event production solutions to major broadcasters, sports leagues and teams, and event and production companies. Our solutions include access to experienced professionals, state of the art equipment, and innovative technologies and techniques for wireless audio & video content acquisition, transport and delivery. Our culture of innovation, coupled with the highest quality assurance standards and passion for customer service, promote collaboration with our clients to determine the best custom solution for each live event.

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