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Sportsfix adopts GeoGuard’s geo-piracy solutions to protect new OTT platform in Asia


GeoGuard, the geo-piracy prevention experts and Sportsfix, a new over-the-top (OTT) platform offering the best in live sports in  Asean, today announces that GeoGuard’s anti-fraud toolkit will be used to protect the new platform from the growing threat of geo-piracy.

As more content becomes available online, the industry is also seeing a rise in geo-piracy: where viewers use circumvention methods such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or Domain Name System Proxies (DNS proxies) to fake their IP address and location to gain illicit access to content and evade detection.

Sportsfix is a newly launched live sports OTT platform incubated by TSA, Asia’s leader in sports content. The service operates in the Asean markets (South East Asia) and aims to appeal to 600m sports mad viewers in the region. In order to protect its premium live sports content on the platform from geo-piracy, the company will integrate GeoGuard’s geo-piracy protection solutions to verify and block attempts made by viewers to access content illicity.

“Premium content drives consumers to seek out cheaper – or even free – ways of accessing that content online,” says David Briggs, Chairman and Co-Founder of GeoGuard. “Live sports is one of the highest value genres of premium content and a big draw for subscribers, therefore protecting digital rights in each region is a priority for TV providers and content owners. We are confident that our third-party tested and studio-approved solutions will offer Sportsfix the high level of protection it needs to pinpoint and prevent viewers from attempting to access content which is geographically restricted.”

Marcus Luer, CEO of Sportsfix comments: “Asia is a huge market for sports and so there is an appetite from our subscribers to gain access to live showings of the most popular sporting events. To secure rights to these live events we need to ensure this content is thoroughly protected on our platform. In bringing GeoGuard on board we can ensure that our content is available for subscribers to watch and enjoy legitimately.”

GeoGuard provides geo-data verification solutions and services that enable content owners and OTT providers to prevent the illicit access to content through geo-piracy. The company offers a suite of geo-filtering solutions combined with human intelligence to detect internet users that are spoofing their location through VPNs and DNS proxies, as well as more advanced attacks. To do this, GeoGuard has a team of dedicated engineers and fraud specialists who analyse data collected from the 250 million devices that GeoGuard’s software is installed on, as well as information collected from third-party sources.