Our SPROCKIT 2015 NAB Show coverage continues with profiles of the second group of market-ready startups who are providing innovative and disruptive technologies to the broadcast marketplace.

psychability-revisi-finish-againPsychability provides cross-media analytics to household TV and online video.  Their proprietary model allows measurement across many dimensions in real time.  Psychability’s household modeling is based on conventional TV audience research and is optimized to handle the big data volumes. Their algorithms produce demographic and psychographic predictive rankings and creates audience segments.

Reveal-Logo-Landscape-1000x400Reveal creates mobile audience analysis using traditional latitude, longitude and app behaviors and claims the world’s first beacon-powered audience database.  Behaviors are modeled on real world and digital activity.  Using anonymized data, Reveal creates targeted audience programs to allow mobile app developers and publishers a way to obtain and retain an audience at a lower cost, increase CPMs and predict outcomes.

scoreStreamlogoTextHorizontal_300x50Scorestream is a crowdsourcing platform for local sports data via mobile apps and social media.  In 2014, they sourced information for 7,000 high school scores per week.  Scorestream makes it possible to cover and share local and prep sports scores and information.

logo_sdviSDVI is an SaaS infrastructure management solution for optimizing media supply chain.  Distributors, content owners and media facilities use SDVI for dynamic provisions processing and storage and networking resources.  SDVI allows rapid provisioning of new services and provides operational flexibility.

logo_socialnewsdesk - CopySocial News Desk provides social media managers for a variety of news desks, including TV, print, radio, government and education.  Billed as the “nerve center” for a media organization, Social News Desk centralizes and standardizes information workflow by creating best practices.

STRINGR_LOGO_1Stringr is a marketplace that matches amateur and professional videographers with media outlets.  Media organizations can preview all uploaded video and immediately download the HD version.  Videographers are paid the next day for video that is downloaded.  Push notifications can be created by media organizations to notify videographers about a video need.

Unruly-Logo-Original-2013-14Unruly provides a programmatic video platform that connects brands with 1.27 billion consumers.  Brand safety, audience composition and ad viewability are monitored and protected. Advertisers can access 8.3 billion customizable data points and benchmark video performance against 4,500 top brands.

logo_videaVidea simplifies the buying and selling of advertising using automated, data-driven solutions and services.  Videa works with marketers, agencies, rep firms and broadcasters to buy television advertising at scale. Videa is owned by Cox Media Group.

Videolicious_LogoVideolicious offers patent-pending technology that allows broadcasters to create and automatically edit story tease videos.  Create a-roll and b-roll, add station graphics and watermarks, all on a mobile phone.  Videos are uploaded and can be viewed in a dashboard for further editing and publishing.

logo_wayinWayin, a SPROCKIT alumnus, increases the relevance of broadcast content by enabling the analysis, curation and integration of social media content.  Clients can discover, understand and display social content to inspire their audience to act.

logo_webtunerWebTuner, a SPROCKIT alumnus, is a tiny computer that plugs directly into any wall socket and connects via Ethernet and HDMI (or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).  Get live TV, on-demand and internet video.  The Electronic Program Guide overlays video so content can be browsed while watching movies or TV.  The EPG comes with real-time audience measurement and a recommendation engine.  The WebTuner remote control comes includes a QWERTY keyboard for surfing convenience.

yottio-vertical-single-colorYottio offers an enterprise suite that allows broadcasters to include live stream viewers and remote participants.  From appearance release logging and participant authentication, to moderating and selecting participants, Yottio makes fully-moderated 2-way real time video participation possible.


SPROCKIT is located in the North Hall at the 2015 NAB Show.


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