Square Box Systems at the 2017 NAB Show

In booth SL5024, Square Box Systems will highlight the latest versions of its next-generation products for digital asset management and media asset management solutions, including support for new platforms, environments, and operating systems. Square Box Systems’ flagship product, CatDV, accelerates collaborative media asset management operations and empowers small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency.

2017 NAB Show Product Preview
CatDV (Square Box Systems Ltd.)
Booth SL5024

CatDV Enterprise Server 7 Supporting Web 2.2
Delivering even more firepower for collaborative enterprise deployments, the CatDV Enterprise Server 7 now provides even more support for web and intranet deployments, with features including a new live logger, frame- accurate video playback, dynamic sub-clip trimming and download, and sharing of groups of clips. In addition, CatDV’s new Web 2.2 brings views to life with derived values and colored metadata highlighting — great for review, online or archived status. A range of additional organization tools are also provided: creation and renaming of catalogs, moving assets, and new drag-and-drop capabilities. Further, a new Professional Web Client offers a source and record rough-cut editor and full-screen user interface reflecting installed options with Server 7. Other features include web-based system administration and a REST administration API, as well as many core improvements including more robust notifications, support for larger customer deployments, centralized path mapping, more efficient search tools, and a fully customized user interface for different users.

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Photo Caption: CatDV Enterprise Server 7 Supporting Web 2.2
Worker 7: Now Supporting Linux, as Well as Windows and Mac Environments
At the 2017 NAB Show, Square Box Systems will showcase Worker 7, its powerful new workflow automation solution for CatDV MAM deployments. With full support for Linux in addition to Windows and Mac environments, Worker 7 makes CatDV a highly compelling option for large-scale enterprise users that need to manage huge volumes of assets in virtualized or cloud environments. Worker 7 has been redesigned to run as a service for enterprise-scale deployments, it can be monitored remotely, and it has a new graphical user interface for workflow design and configuration.

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Photo Caption: Worker 7, Now With Full Support for Linux Environments

CatDV 12
Square Box Systems will highlight CatDV 12, the latest version of the company’s industry-leading MAM system. A major step forward in the ongoing evolution of the CatDV product line, CatDV 12 features an updated and streamlined user experience along with native support for Square Box Systems’ recently introduced Server 7. In addition, CatDV 12 now includes enhanced support for audio files, offering an advanced waveform display, VU meters, and the ability to handle more audio tracks. The system’s logging and ingest capabilities have been updated, and CatDV 12 is now able to operate independent of specialized video players. With unrivalled support for large installations, CatDV features a 64-bit architecture and a robust playback engine that natively supports the latest broadcast and camera formats.

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Photo Caption: CatDV 12 Media Asset Management System
Pegasus Server
The CatDV Pegasus Server enables super-fast Google-style searches across millions of assets and includes support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. At the 2017 NAB Show, Square Box Systems will highlight the enhanced security, flexibility, and sophisticated asset usage analytics and reporting, plus audit capabilities, now available in the latest version of the CatDV Pegasus Server.
Now Supporting S3: CatDV Archive to Cloud
Square Box Systems has launched CatDV Archive to Cloud in response to customer demand for the ability to leverage cloud services in their MAM operations. At the 2017 NAB Show, the company will demonstrate CatDV Archive to Cloud’s ability to archive media assets and associated metadata to various S3-based partners, including Amazon S3, SpectraLogic Black Pearl, IBM Cleversafe, and Microsoft Azure.

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Photo Caption: Amazon S3: CatDV Archive to Cloud Support

Company Quote:

“At the 2017 NAB Show, we’re looking forward to showing prospects, partners, and customers why CatDV continues to stay on the edge of innovation in media asset management technologies. Improved support for web and intranet deployments, the addition of cloud archiving, and support for Linux environments are just a few of the powerful new enhancements that make CatDV the most ideal MAM solution for enterprises of all sizes.”

— Dave Clack, CEO at Square Box Systems
Company Overview
Square Box Systems is a privately owned software company specializing in media asset management and production workflows. Its industry-leading CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management by making it easy for content owners to repurpose and monetize their assets. Offering a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors, the CatDV software runs on Mac and Windows platforms and can be scaled from small workgroups to multiuser enterprise solutions managing millions of assets. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also been honored with a number of awards including Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon for Best Asset Management Tool and Videography Magazine’s Best of NAB Vidy Award. Based in the U.K., Square Box Systems sells CatDV globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing workflow design, local installation, consultancy, and support. More information is available at

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