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SSIMWAVE Inc. Will Showcase SIMPLUS LiveMonitor At 2020 NAB Show



As the world continues to embrace the digital age, the need for broadcast professionals with technical knowledge and sophisticated implementation methods becomes more relevant, especially when it comes to the future of video delivery. This year at the 2020 NAB Show, SSIMWAVE will be an exhibitor where it will showcase its latest live monitor. The 2020 NAB Show unites broadcast industry professionals from all over the world and the digital landscape to further enhance the content creation/delivery process that continues to expand on the very concept of video delivery and how it makes content implementation just as valid as the backbone of the content itself. A company as respected as SSIMWAVE is built on this foundation and it will demonstrate its commitment to it this April in Las Vegas.





SSIMWAVE’S company motto goes something like this “Content may be king, but the quality of the viewing experience determines whether the king lives … or dies,” which is an honest description of the current state of video delivery. As rich and as aesthetically well crafted as any form of content may be, the way it is implemented and delivered plays a vital role in determining customer satisfaction. SSIMWAVE fully understands this principle and by operating in a world of video streaming. The company’s proprietary SSIMPLUS® algorithm is a fast, lightweight AI that accurately mimics the human visual system, which allows SSIMWAVE to know the video quality that subscribers are experiencing.
SSIMWAVE also deploys products that deliver their customers a human-tuned viewing experience, which results in happy subscribers. The company’s solutions help guarantee a quality experience that saves time, resources and money; all the while as they inspect a customer’s video delivery chain.





The SSIMWAVe SIMPLUS Live Monitor is capable of eroding margins through unnecessary support issues and the defection of customers to other providers. In the midst of a increasingly crowded stage of new video sources, new viewing devices, and rapidly evolving network architectures, the SSIMPLUS Live Monitor addresses the industry’s need for a unified end-to-end system that analyzes and informs optimization to viewer experience and delivery efficiency, regardless of the infrastructure and display. The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor also delivers viewer-first real-time monitoring of input and output video quality. This includes audio at every stage of the delivery ecosystem. This software provides a clear view of any potential problem, which include root causes such as frequency and solutions before subscribers even notice them.

The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor uses computationally efficient software-based probes that allow it to monitor both video and audio quality at all five points in the content ecosystem. This includes:

  • Source
  • Encoding and Demux Output
  • Aggregator Output
  • Delivery AcrossDemarcation Point
  • Playout by End-User Devices

The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor offers the industry’s first real-time independent monitoring of encoders, which allows operators to secure the weakest link in the current ecosystem.


SSIMPLUS Live Monitor Business Benefits

In addition to the operational qualities of the SSIMPLUS Live Monitor, several of its business pluses include:

  • Single-solution for both Live (linear), VOD (on-demand) and Ad workflows
  • SLAs that are benchmark and objective set for encoders, transcoder, packager, CDN and player vendors
  • It can redirect staffing resources that are currently devoted to monitoring operations
  • It reduces the total number of vendors required for a comprehensive correlated solution
  • Its subscription-friendly solution provides flexibility between OPEX:CAPEX spending
  • Viewer score simplicity for entire linear channel lineups and title libraries with accurate infrastructure performance measure vs subscriber expectations
  • Complies with regulatory standards such as closed captioning and audio loudness

Learn more about the SSIMPLUS Live Monitor by visiting www.ssimwave.com/products/ssimplus-livemonitor/.


About 2020 NAB Show



Content is king. But, if the content isn’t implemented properly, then all the creative will have is a hollow crown, and none of that can be said for the highly innovative broadcast professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This April 18-22, over 90,000 industry pros who come from tech, media, and content creation backgrounds will unite in the global media event of the year that works to not only generate collaboration among creatives from different layers of the digital ecosystem. It also helps to instill the type of wisdom and knowledge a company like SSIMWAVE provides with its SSIMPLUS Live Monitor, as well as other video delivery solutions. Attending the 2020 NAB Show is a great opportunity for content creators who can learn to better satisfy their customers through the delivery of their video content.

Visit SSIMWAVE‘s exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU7225.

For more information, visit nabshow.com/2020/.


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