SSL Demonstrates New Features and Products For ‘Network I/O’ Range of Interfaces for Dante AoIP Networks at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS – Solid State Logic, the world’s leading provider of tools for creative audio professionals, will demonstrate new developments for its range of interfaces for Dante-based IP Audio Networks including a significantly enhanced new feature set for the Network I/O: MADI-Bridge, along with two new Network I/O: Stagebox models at the 2015 NAB Show (Booth C1455).SSL Network

The SSL Network I/O: MADI-Bridge is the most powerful, feature-rich, specialised for Broadcast, MADI-to-Dante interface available. It provides an interface between a Dante IP Audio Network and MADI with 64 channels per Bridge at 48kHz, 32 channels at 96kHz or 16 channels at 192kHz. With redundant MADI, IP Network ports and PSU, the Bridge is built for uninterrupted fully-redundant operation. In addition to the built-in clock redundancy in Dante controller, the MADI-Bridge includes a pair of sync inputs for use as a self-redundant Dante Grand Master clock. The unit can synchronise to Video sync, tri-level or black and burst; Word clock; MADI or PTP Network sync. MADI-Bridge also features a front panel headphone socket with rotary level control and built-in headphone monitor routing, to truly replace traditional patch bay routing and fault-finding functionality with equivalents in the IP Audio domain. GPIO connections allow for transfer of tally info and switching functions across the network with the audio.

MADI-Bridge will be shown for the first time at NAB 2015 with a collection of significant new features including; SRC, Split Mode, 32bit MADI Control Tunnelling, Lock Mode and a new device name view. The Bridge offers bi-directional Sample Rate Conversion at all standard rates between 44.1kHz and 192kHz to streamline integration of different MADI equipped devices within a single Dante network. The innovative new ‘Split Mode’ allows its pair of MADI connectors to be used independently-rather than in their usual redundant mode-for bi-directional split/combine operation. This can be employed in a number of ways, for example, two 32 channel 96kHz MADI feeds can be combined to form one 64 channel 48kHz Dante stream or an asynchronous, but same sample rate stage can be connected to multiple OB vehicles. 32bit MADI Control Tunnelling allows a pair of MADI bridges to be used to pass audio and user bits of a whole MADI stream across a network, thus simplifying remote locating existing MADI Mics or increasing cost efficiency of an existing fibre cable beyond a single MADI stream. Lock Mode mode allows a user to lock all functionality of the unit except the front panel confidence monitoring to avoid accidental setting changes, while a neat new Monitor Mode feature enables the user to toggle the screen between showing the Monitor Matrix view and the Channel Name of the device currently being monitored.

SSL is also announcing two new models of Stagebox at the show. The Network I/O: SB 8.8 offers eight mic/line inputs and eight line level outputs. The Network I/O: SB i16 offers sixteen mic/line inputs. Both models feature a pair of redundant Dante network connections, a pair of network extension connections, GPIO connectivity and redundant PSUs. Network I/O Stageboxes bring SSL’s renowned SuperAnalogueTM Pre Amp design, with its superior audio performance, to the interoperable IP Audio Network market. Designed for use on any broadcast studio floor or remote location, the SSL Stageboxes allow easy deployment of mic pres and speaker feeds, where needed. The Network I/O’s plug-and-play feature allows devices to easily be moved, even between studios, while retaining routing and settings, if required. Clear signal present, phantom power and local attention LEDs provide intuitive front panel feedback.

SSL Network I/O Stageboxes can be controlled from SSL’s Remote Control Application running on a PC from any location on the same network as the audio. Multiple Stageboxes appear in a network view and can be controlled from the same instance of the program. Individual channels can be locked to prevent accidental parameter changes. Control messages are handled using extensions to Dante’s built-in control and monitoring protocol, ConMon. With this powerful software tool, Network I/O Stagboxes can be used for many different applications, whether it be alongside SSL consoles, standalone with Dante Virtual Soundcard for multi-track recording scenarios or with other manufacturers’ products.

The SSL Network I/O range also includes ‘SDI,’ which offers eight 3G SDI circuits capable of embedding and de-embedding up to 16 channel each, bridged to redundant MADI and redundant Dante IP Audio Networks.

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