Starfish Technologies Transport Stream Splicer supports HEVC/H.265

Starfish Technologies, a company pioneering innovative technologies and systems in the field of regional television and ad insertion for broadcasters, has announced that its TS Splicer product is now certified for use with HEVC/H.265 encoded streams.

The TS Splicer was designed to perform low propagation delay, frame accurate or GOP boundary splicing for applications including advertisement insertion, advertisement blocking and regional TV content insertion. It now supports MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC/H.265 encoded media.

Starfish Marketing Director Peter Blatchford added, “We always strive to ensure that our technology meets the demands of a rapidly changing market. Content distributors today expect new signal processing technology to support HEVC/H.265, even if they do not yet have an immediate application. Certifying TS Splicer to work with HEVC/H.265 ensures that it is ready for high efficiency coding when they are”.

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