Statmux Is Now Available On AWS Elemental MediaLive


As an Amazon Web Services company, AWS Elemental MediaLive combines deep video expertise with the power and scale of the cloud to provide users with nimble/flexible software-based video processing and delivery solutions. AWS Elemental MediaLive allows for customers to adequately harness the elasticity of the cloud when necessary with on-demand and with pay as you go services.


AWS Elemental MediaLive Now Offers Statmux



Statistical Multiplexing (Statmux) is now available with AWS Elemental MediaLive, and this particular technology is used in broadcast workflows that allocate bits in real-time among multiple live video channels. The great thing about Statmux is that it maximizes network efficiency by optimizing picture quality for a group of channels within a fixed total bandwidth. Using AWS Elemental MediaLive with Statmux allows for customers to deploy linear video processing and playout in the AWS Cloud for broadcast, cable, or terrestrial distribution.

Media companies, such as national broadcasters, originate live content and simultaneously share that content with their distribution partners. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by preparing channels for distribution using purpose-built, on-premises hardware encoders. These systems can take months to procure and configure. They require extensive engineering to operate reliably, and they cannot be repurposed once deployed. Because AWS Elemental MediaLive now has Statmux, broadcasters and content providers can build and manage broadcast video workflows on fully managed AWS services, which only grants them a great deal of flexibility, while also reducing hardware/management costs, and delivering excellent picture quality with built-in reliability.


AWS Elemental MediaLive And Statmux Benefits



The Key benefits of AWS Elemental MediaLive with Statmux include features such as.

  • Cloud Flexibility
  • Built-in Resiliency
  • High Video Quality
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Monitoring And Metrics
  • Unified Headend

Cloud flexibility: Allows for a user to add, remove, or update live channels based on evolving audience and business needs. It also introduces new codecs, prioritizes resources on a per-channel basis, and allows for a user to take advantage of multiple codecs and resolutions.

Built-in resiliency: Allows for resources to be automatically allocated across multiple availability zones for high availability and fully managed failover.

High Video Quality: AWS Elemental MediaLive with Statmux lets a user maximize their video quality while optimizing for fixed satellite or cable distribution bandwidth. Users can also tune quality settings on a per-channel basis without disruption to assure that the highest-priority channels maintain the highest quality.

Operational efficiency: Helps build broadcast distribution workloads in a matter of minutes. This task is accomplished without on-premises hardware, and it allows for the delivery of channels more efficiently over a fixed network bandwidth.

Monitoring And Metrics: Integrated Amazon CloudWatch monitoring enables real-time views of video metrics and multiplexer performance.

Unified Headend: Having one system that can manage all encoding can dramatically simplify operations. That’s where unified headend comes into the picture, and this is due to the fact that with Statmux for AWS Elemental MediaLive, it can help content providers with the distribution of traditional broadcast video as well as multiscreen linear video through a single architecture.

In Conclusion



AWS Media Services provides cloud services that enable a variety of organizations, including media and entertainment companies, enterprises, and government agencies to create reliable broadcast-grade video workflows. AWS Media Services are deployed as individual components/building blocks for end-to-end video workflows, which essentially help video providers increase innovation and market responsiveness, while equally maximizing audience outreach/engagement, and further reducing the total cost of ownership. Pay-as-you-go pricing lets a user expand video processing and storage capacity, speed time to revenue, and easily manage spikes in viewership without capital investments.

The solutions from AWS Elemental allow for customized broadcast TV and multiscreen video that is originated and monetized on a global scale. This gives users the ability to economically scale and optimize video operations as well as the freedom to focus on what matters to a much more simplified capacity, hence transforming unique ideas into compelling content that can captivate viewers.

AWS Elemental technologies help create agile, scalable and secure video workflows for global media franchises, pay-TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters, government agencies, and enterprise customers rely on. Discover how AWS Elemental perfects the media experience and get in touch today.

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