Stephen Arnold Music Teams with Tinsley Advertising to Attract Travelers to Florida Keys and Key West

Sonic branding specialist is helping travel and tourism brands break through the clutter and connect with consumers.

A new promotional campaign for Florida Keys & Key West invites visitors to “come as you are” to a place that’s “Close to Perfect” and “Far from Normal.” Conceived by Tinsley Advertising, the spots convey the beauty, diversity and quirkiness of the island paradise through exquisite imagery and engaging music aimed at travelers hungry for experiences that are fun, fresh and out of the ordinary.

The Key West campaign’s musical theme, created by Stephen Arnold Music, shows how sonic branding and custom music can help broaden perceptions of a tourist destination and extend its reach to new segments of the traveling public. Rather than stereotypical Gulf Coast beach music, the theme has an easygoing, sophisticated, and contemporary pop sound. Led by acoustic guitar and percussion, it works well with stunning visuals of beaches and azure seas, while equally setting off images of art, history, outdoor recreation, live music, fine dining and entertainment — things people may not associate with the Keys.

“The tracks had the energy and authenticity we were looking for,” notes Tinsley Advertising Chief Creative Officer Dorn Martell. “We had a great time working with the folks at Stephen Arnold Music.”

Traveler are seeking for unique experience, according to Stephen Arnold Music President Chad Cook. “Music can communicate the uniqueness of a place— its people, culture, cuisine and geography — in a powerfully emotional way,” he says. “It’s an opportunity for a tourism brand to form a special connection with people on multiple levels.”

The studio designed the music to provide a distinctive sound for Key West that is both versatile and immediately recognizable. “The music had to be scored dynamically to cover the diversity of experiences found in the Keys,” explains Cook.  “For instance, when the focus is on art, culture and fine dining, you might give it a more refined sound.  Deep sea fishing and scuba diving on the other hand, might get a more upbeat and percussive sound.  Ultimately it all has to work together seamlessly within the score.”

Stephen Arnold Music has created destination-specific sonic branding for clients around the globe. In each case, the studio’s first step is to immerse itself in local culture to avoid cliches and learn to see the place as locals do. “We want to capture its flavor in an authentic manner,” insists Cook. “If you’re promoting Qatar, do you really want to lean on the ‘bended string’ cliché that people outside the Middle East associate with Arabic music, or do you draw inspiration from what people there actually listen to – what is actually authentic to that place and experience?”

In an increasingly crowded market sector, travel and tourism brands must take advantage of every opportunity to stand out. “For most people, choosing where to take their families on vacation is a big deal,” says Cook. “Destinations across the country and around the world are competing for their dollars and vying for their attention. Sonic branding is a way to break through.”

About Stephen Arnold Music:
Often referred to as the most-heard, least-known composers in the world, Stephen Arnold Music’s creativity is experienced every day in more than 500 million homes worldwide.  Based in Dallas, Texas, The World Leader In Sonic Branding® has 30 years of success delivering impactful, brand-defining music that makes a difference for today’s top networks, cable channels, content creators, television stations, digital media outlets, production companies, corporations and advertising agencies.  With multiple Emmys, Promax Gold, ADDY and MUSE awards to their credit, Stephen Arnold Music’s specialized approach and commitment to the power of sonic branding, research, state-of-the-art production and unparalleled customer service is at the core of its promise. Stephen Arnold Music continues to set the creative bar in a highly competitive content landscape. For more information, please visit

About Tinsley Advertising:
Tinsley Advertising is a full-service advertising agency driven by strategic insight, powered by creative ideas, committed to quality and integrity, and dedicated to achieving our clients’ objectives. Whether your brand or product goals are local, regional or national in scale, we can accommodate your marketing needs. Our philosophy is simple. We actually like what we do. And for the most part, we like each other and our clients like us. We’re not slaves to trendiness and we’re not jaded. We believe that most advertising is either condescending or invisible, but occasionally there are ads that make you laugh, make you think or make you feel something. Those are the kinds of ads we do. For more information, please visit

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