Stirlitz Media Delivers Powerful New Logging Software Solution to BBC Scotland

An after-broadcast/compliance logging software that was specifically designed for ease of use by non-technical users and engineers alike is proving to be a valuable addition to the production infrastructure at studios operated by BBC Scotland. Stirlitz Media’s Stirlitz Media Logger (SML) has been installed for use across the broadcaster’s three HD channels: BBC One Scotland, BBC Two Scotland and Gaelic-language service BBC ALBA.

Reliability, affordability and simplicity of operation were primary requirements when it came to replacing an existing logging system that was approaching the end of its life. For a broadcaster such as BBC Scotland, a robust logging system is essential for the purposes of reporting any error or near-misses, assessing technical outages, reviewing audience feedback, and validating reports related to programme timings, such as those that might be encountered with network opt-in/outs.

A detailed assessment of the available options led the technical team in the direction of Stirlitz Media Logger, which is a television and radio after-broadcast/compliance logging software that runs on a standard Windows server, either local or in the cloud, capturing single or multiple channels via MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) over IP. Satisfying all of the broadcaster’s stated requirements, SML evaluates recent broadcasts/programmes and detects and reports errors or near-misses that may have to be reviewed after transmission. It can also be employed to check outages and validate reports.

In this instance, the software captures all three television channels via MPEG-TS over UDP/Multicast and stores each channel in its original quality, including the embedded metadata, as TS together with external metadata such as automation software as-run logs.

Cesco van Gool, director international sales, Stirlitz Media, said: “The flexibility and scalability of Stirlitz Media Logger is ideal for BBC Scotland’s television services, providing accurate and detailed programme logs. It is easy to install and the simplicity of the intuitive Player with unique Timeline ensures it is user friendly for engineers and non-tech operators alike.”



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