Streambox Announces World’s Smallest Low Latency Drone Encoder for Streaming LIVE HD Video over Bonded Cellular Networks 2015 #NABShow


Streambox, the leading provider of solutions that enable mobile video everywhere, announced the launch of their miniature encoder named the Streambox Drone EncoderPro. The Drone EncoderPro is designed to capture and stream HD/SDI professional video from UAV’s used for agriculture, news gathering, film production, live events, public safety, government and enterprise users. 

The extremely small form factor, low power, network bonding encoder is designed to reliably stream HD videos over all available IP networks to globally deployed Streambox Cloud where video can be routed to desired play outs and streamed over the web

The Drone EncoderPro weighs only 220 grams and has more than six hours of operation on its small battery. Additionally, low power usage and flexible 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi antenna configuration offers UAV professionals installation flexibility to integrate into many different types of UAV aircraft. The Streambox Drone EncoderPro will be available in Q2/Q3 of 2015.

“Broadcasters, Enterprises, Public Safety and Government UAV video professionals require Drone EncoderPro in UAVs in order to stream live high-quality videos over multiple bonded connections without impacting UAV performance and usage,” said Alex Telitsine, CTO and Co-Founder of Streambox.

Streambox Drone EncoderPro Extends the Reach of Mobile Video

The Streambox Drone EncoderPro is designed to deliver incredible flexibility to professional video users. It combines the power, performance and professional-quality results in a miniature device for live HD video encoding and streaming.

The Drone EncoderPro includes HD-SDI & HDMI video capture integrated into the mobile hardware for professional cameras. The Drone EncoderPro works seamlessly with Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server for video contribution and management to deliver superior high-definition video with low latency.

About Streambox 

Streambox leads the video over IP industry with complete end-to-end news gathering solutions and contribution streaming service. The Streambox platform of professional live and file-based HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and play out streamlines the workflow for any broadcasting and streaming need. Streambox Technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression that allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bit-rate streaming over public/private networks.

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