Streambox Provides Cloud Solutions For Broadcasters


The new 2013 lineup for Streambox, Inc. are full of viable options for broadcasters and streamers to be confident investing in Streambox’s durable line of media moving solutions.

The StreamboxME Pro is a wonderful news-gathering multi-tool video acquisition app with integrated iOS Media Player for broadcasters and new media professionals alike. This multi-tool video app is for the iPhone/iPad and Android devices that feature low latency and high quality streaming, video recording, and uploading. The key behind this high quality app is the public cloud that Streambox Live Server’s utilize, they are cost effective and deployed around the world, as well as, designed to be optimize for routing highly reliable streaming of receivable signals and archiving video streams. The Streambox Enterprise Server can also be deployed on private servers for cloud dedication. The key features that the StreamboxME Pro app provides is bonding 3G/4G with Wi-Fi networks  to send up to 5Mbps professional of high quality video, 720×400 resolution, 30fps, 16:9, as well as, the ability to iOS playback for low latency video from Streambox Live or Enterprise Server. This app is certainly best used to acquire and stream large amounts of video benefiting large broadcast houses and new media enterprise companies.

The scalable Streambox Enterprise Server is a centralized secure server designed for your private cloud. The server automatically routes videos from any Streambox software including hardware encoders to decoders, and software media players- and of course, the cloud based Streambox Live Service- providing a complete end-to-end solution. The all-in-one software-based product’s key features include: automated streaming, routing to single playout or playout to groups of devices, archiving of all live video, secure video sharing via email, Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB) communication, and video confidence monitoring on media players. The Enterprise Server as a production tool enables users to shorten and streamline workflows to acquire, manage, and play out live and file-based video with the built-in multi-functioning capabilities of the backend video management solution.

The streaming and sharing solution Streambox Live is open to the internet with a simplified workflow allowing anyone to stream live video from the StreamboxME Pro App on the iPhone/Android devices as well as Mac/PC laptops to the web and mobile devices. Note, that the StreamboxME Pro App is free working with Streambox Live cloud-based servers installed on Amazon Web Services platform globally. The user can immediately upload from site before the signal is routed live on-air or archived for use later. Streambox Sharing allows users to easily share live and archived video with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter, providing a faster way to communicate and collaborate. On the receiving end the video is accessed by a link on Facebook, Twitter, or in an email. The video can be played on desktop systems with the free Streambox Media Player. The social media sharing feature will be coming soon to Android, OSX, and Windows versions of the StreamboxME Pro app.

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