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streamgeeks summit
streamgeeks summit

Jumpstart Your Live Streaming Abilities with the StreamGeeks Summit


The StreamGeeks will be yet again hosting an industry collaboration event called StreamGeeks Summit, Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.  The video production team who brought you The Presence Summit, The Worship Summit, and the original StreamGeeks Summit, have announced StreamGeeks Summit 2.0. The StreamGeeks Summit is a celebration of all that live streaming and video production has to offer from a professional and hobbyist perspective. This year the event is going fully virtual, including panel sessions with industry leaders, breakout sessions on Zoom, video production studio tours, and a trivia session where you can have a chance to win a PTZOptics live streaming camera.

What else can you expect from the StreamGeeks Summit?:

Education from and collaboration with the industry’s top live streamers

  • A keynote address by Luria Petrucci, owner at Live Streaming Pros, who will highlight how creators and any online business can make money in the world of live streaming, why now is the time to take action and how to thrive in a changed world
  • A retro esports tournament to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pac Man
  • Event attendees can get a free copy of The Unofficial Guide to vMix
streamgeeks summit

streamgeeks summit

Join us by registering for a free General Admission ticket with access to the live stream.

With the world ever-evolving, and economic challenges surfacing like COVID-19, live streaming has certainly been a revolutionizing tool that has allowed industry leaders to thrive during turbulent times. In fact, the live streaming industry is reported to grow about 155% year after year, and that trend is still holding firm. Now, because this is such a cutting-edge technological feature that is proven to drive business growth, it stands to reach why so many industries of every field are incorporating it into their operation and processes. Overall, there are countless benefits that coincide with this effective, modern, and interactive technology, and by tuning into the StreamGeeks Summit, you can begin gaining them as well. 

Why Learn About Live Streaming?

  • Live streaming seamlessly grows your audience, even for highly niched industries. 
  • You are driving more traffic because consumers can absorb content on your time, not theirs. This means you are reaching out to people who already find your content valuable and are more likely to convert/follow you. 
  • With live-streaming being as popular as it is, the technology is still relatively new. This equates to it not being overcrowded yet, giving you a perfect competitive advantage over those who have not integrated it yet. 
  • It is cost and time friendly. Live streaming is cheap to operate and takes little time to produce, making it a great way to get a massive return on investments.
  • You are tapping into real-time engagement, and that is one of the largest reasons why live-streaming is continuously growing in marketing. Real-time engagement and direct conversation are evidential tactics in building strong, long-term customer relationships.
    StreamGeeks Summit Hosts

    StreamGeeks Summit Hosts

During the full day StreamGeeks Summit, you will be able to unearth incredible insight, education, and tips from live streaming experts who will help simplify the technology to make it easy to grasp and provide action plans that can be applied to almost any industry. They will do this through live demonstrations, online workshops, and by covering the fundamental topics for the “New Normal” society, while adding in some fun games like Live Streaming Trivia to test what you’ve learned so you can have access to those wonderful benefits listed above. 

December 11th, 2020 – Save The Date! 

Though live streaming technology has not been circulating long, it has gained monumental traction, especially in recent years, for those seeking fresh, innovative ways to deliver content and engaging messages. And if you want to get in on the action and learn how to optimize your own live streaming skills, then grab your StreamGeeks ticket today! Enjoy the fun, exciting, and advanced educational virtual event that will give you foundational tips, tricks, and knowledge to take your live streaming efforts to new levels. 

On December 11th, 2020, take advantage of this summit and listen to iconic speakers such as Chris Thomas, Paul Richards, Tess Protesto, Ariel Viera, and many more, to discover enriching ways you can truly prosper within the digital age. In the end, if you want to remain competitive in your industry, stand out, unlock new opportunities, and cultivate interactive engagement, then this is hands-down the best way to reach that goal.

See you then!

Learn more at streamgeeks.us/summit/


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