StreamGuys Addresses Evolving Audio Codec Universe with New Transcoding Service

New SaaS puts emphasis on ingesting and outputting TV audio and radio streams to targeted devices

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, July 1, 2015StreamGuys, a pioneering content delivery network and streaming media provider, is bringing a new transcoding platform to broadcasters that specifically focuses on efficient and proper audio output across multiple devices. The new Audio Transcoding software-as-a-service (SaaS) outperforms transcoding systems that lack compatibility with multiple audio formats; or de-emphasize the significance of audio transcoding in the video stream.

“With the wide range of devices available to consumers today, broadcasters deserve an audio transcoding solution that specializes in keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of audio formats and codecs,” said Eduardo Martinez, director of technology, StreamGuys. “Many do multi-bitrate video transcoding, but few if any focus solely on audio and their many transport mechanisms. Our new Audio Transcoding platforms brings together a complete toolset to address the right combination of formats and codecs for today’s TV and radio broadcaster.”

Audio Transcoding

The new Audio Transcoding service was born out of a need to implement better compatibility with iTunes Radio for many StreamGuys customers. In addition to simply converting from one audio codec to another, the service can ingest live video feeds and extract the audio to provide an audio-only rendition of the output. This is especially useful to TV broadcasters who stream pure audio feeds to their end points.

Whether extracting audio from a video feed or simply providing live radio streams, the new Audio Transcoding software ensures a low-cost and bandwidth-efficient service for any broadcaster.

“Broadcasters can quickly reduce their costs through this service, especially where upload bandwidth is a concern,” said Kiriki Delany, president, StreamGuys. “Broadcasters need only send us one high-quality signal to generate and manage many outputs. There is no concern about the heavy bandwidth load associated with streaming multiple renditions of a signal, which allows us to lower network costs and reduce the complexity of the audio workflow.”

The feature-rich Audio Transcoding platform additional offers the following services:

  • Transrating, which provides multiple bit-rates of single input stream—a major benefit for audiences that want a choice between uncompressed and compressed streams. This ensures an ideal listening experience on mobile devices where lower-quality streams simplify playout.
  • Transmuxing, which converts from one transport container to another. This enables native playback of a single protocol across multiple consumer platforms.

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