Streaming Global: Enhancing Streaming Platforms with Lower Delay, Higher Scale, and Lower TCO

Streaming Global has invented the way to deliver very low delay live streams at World Cup scale using standard infrastructure, while lowering conventional cost for platforms and service providers. The Streaming Global patented and patent-pending technology turns any simple cloud storage server into an ultra-fast live-streaming server, without installing any additional software on the server. This enables live, linear, OTT, social, and VOD streaming with global scalability over existing cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and private/custom clouds. With a unique way to stream directly through cloud storage servers, Streaming Global eliminates the most processor-intensive parts of the conventional streaming pipeline, vastly increasing speed and reducing costs.

Use Streaming Global technology on your platform to achieve:

  • Low live latency/delay – Streams are up to 60x faster than the conventional streaming pipeline and up to 20x faster than cable and satellite providers, bringing viewers closer than ever to the live action that they love.
  • Reliable scalability –Streaming Global scales to tens of millions of viewers anywhere in the world by design.
  • Stream and data synchronization – It’s a new era for live events! With Streaming Global, you can synchronize every viewer and every device to the exact same frame, providing your users with a unified viewing experience. As an example, imagine the benefits in sports betting: increased fairness and the ability to take more bets in-match.
  • Faster/cleaner ad insertion – With Streaming Global you can insert ads on any frame, without buffering or interrupting the primary stream, while enabling a broadcast-like viewing experience. Advertisers can even personalize ads for every member of their audience.
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and Energy Usage – Cut the majority of your delivery costs and lower the amount of energy used with Streaming Global’s more efficient technology. Your platform is able to achieve this by using less resources than conventional delivery methods.Viewers want a seamless transition when switching which devices they are watching. They want to be able to interact with other viewers on social platforms. They want to know that someone else isn’t gaining an advantage in sports betting. Conventional streaming delivery methods are outdated and have been unable to meet this demand — until today.

    Streaming Global’s technology is ideal for streaming 24/7 OTT channels and live events with single and multi-stream content. It is a modern, simplified solution for platforms and service providers that want to offer the best possible experience for their subscribers.

Your content could be delivered with sub-second delay to tens of millions of viewers for a fraction of the cost you are paying now.

As the streaming wars heat up, the viewer demands are growing faster than ever and the battle for platforms and service providers to offer the best experience is at an all-time high. Media continues to shift towards IP delivery, and companies are looking to deliver the best possible viewing experience to meet demands. Unfortunately, the current streaming delivery methods are unable to meet this demand and continue to struggle with solving the major pain points of performance, scale and cost of delivery..

High Performance live streaming (synchronized with very low delay) has not been possible across the public Internet at scale, until today.

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