Studio Suite “Absolutely Worth It” for Mixing Room

For Chris Acker, owner of Mixing Room Studios in Omaha Nebraska, Studio Suite has been exactly what they needed.

“We wanted an all-in-one package. We wanted software where we would be able to do our scheduling, invoicing and keeping track of our equipment.”  He stated that those are the features they needed and used all the time to keep their business running. And Studio Suite was affordable. Chris sees Studio Suite as “Worth It” and highly recommends it to somebody who’s starting their own facility like they once did.  “I would definitely recommend Studio Suite.” Said Chris, a 12-year user of Studio Suite.

Studio Suite is designed expressly for companies producing and delivering content across the media spectrum. It’s a business application that does budgeting, scheduling, project management, tasks, equipment inventory, rentals, employee management and more.  The platform has earned a user base of high-profile, deadline-critical production and post facilities in over 55 countries.

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