Studio Suite “Proven Strong CRM and Reliable Support” – Sonic Union

Adam Barone and Justine Cortale share their remarkable experience with Studio Suite.

“We tend to work in Audio Post and creative sound original music. “Adam said.  Prior to using Studio Suite we were scheduling in a day minder with a pencil and an eraser! Now we have an 11 room facilities with 14 different mixers. So, as the organization grew, our needs changed and we’ve met those needs with Studio Suite.

He stated that they started using Studio Suite in 2019 and they found a really strong CRM where they could have a direct connection to their project and production information and not run completely separately.

In terms of support, Justine, the Managing Director of Sonic Union, was amazed by the “very reliable support” of Studio Suite’s team.

“Support has been a key factor for us  and like the minute I have a problem, I can just reach out. We’re very supported and that’s important.” Justine said.

Studio Suite makes it easy for one person to manage the whole studio” Adam added.

Studio Suite is specifically designed for companies dealing with Production, Post Production, Broadcast and Advertising.  It is cross-platform and works  as one simple, elegant solution.

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