Suitcase TV and Spectra Logic deliver enhanced data storage

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Suitcase TV Ltd, a leading provider of media asset management systems has augmented its partnership with Spectra Logic as part of its ongoing programme of expansion. Together, Suitcase TV and Spectra Logic offer a two-tiered approach to media asset storage, and representatives from both companies will be available at NAB 2015 to discuss this powerful solution.

Recognising the limitations of storing digital files on spinning disk for an indefinite period, Suitcase TV has created Archivist, a software application that facilitates the smooth transfer of digital files between MediaStor – Suitcase TV’s MAM system – and a Spectra Logic tape library. MediaStor stores digital files on spinning disks which offers many benefits to broadcasters including fast access to media assets and associated documentation. However, Suitcase TV acknowledges that while broadcasters need to store media assets for extended periods, they can reduce their storage costs by creating a two-tiered solution using a Spectra Logic tape library.

Storing data on tape is relatively cheap and because tapes spend most of their time offline, they consume less power and do not require power-hungry cooling systems. Tape also offers incredible reliability and can boast a lifespan of more than thirty years.

“Spectra Logic and SuitcaseTV’s partnership of over 5 years continues to strengthen. They recognised the value of adding deep storage tape to the workflow and provide their customers a true solution for the long-term,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer of Spectra Logic.

As an added benefit to this approach, Archivist can be integrated with scheduling systems to ensure content is restored to disk from tape before the scheduled times. If the content is likely to be required again in the near future, the content will be kept on disk until it is no longer needed, at which point it will be sent offline.

Fraser Jardine, commercial director of Suitcase TV comments: “The speed of disk and the reliability, longevity, and low cost of tape are a powerful combination which no broadcaster of significance can afford to ignore. I am delighted that we continue to develop this incredible solution in partnership with Spectra Logic.”

Suitcase TV will be demonstrating its product range at NAB 2015. To arrange a meeting, email [email protected], or call +44 2032 897175.

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