Suitcase TV announces new role for Ed Calverley

Suitcase TV, a leader in broadcast technology solutions, has announced that its director of products, Ed Calverley, will be changing his role at the company in order to develop his own consultancy business, Q3 Media Ltd. Effective immediately, he is now Product Consultant.

Having joined Suitcase TV in 2015, Calverley has been a font of technical expertise in developing Iphrame, a software-based framework that combines IP, ASI, and SDI signals as both inputs and outputs to provide a real-time production system. In his new role, he will continue to work with Suitcase providing knowledge and impetus.

Fraser Jardine, commercial director at Suitcase TV said, “Ed has made a huge impact on our entire range of products and is currently involved in an ambitious programme to deliver ever more powerful solutions to our customers. We wish him all success with Q3 Media, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship well into the future.”

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