Stand no: SL5826

Established in 2000, Suitcase TV develops a range of software solutions for broadcast including MAM, compliance recording and live production. Suitcase TV received the 2015 IABM Design and Innovation Award for its iphrame Vision Remote solution and NAB delegates will be able to see demonstrations of this and the latest iteration of MediaStor, the company’s enterprise level storage and archiving platform.


New for NAB 2016:


MediaStor Standalone Storage and Archiving Platform: Suitcase TV’s tried and trusted storage platform MediaStor is now available as a stand-alone product. Demonstrated for the first time in the US on booth SL5826, MediaStor now includes support for archiving to spinning disk using new SMR disk technology combined with MAID architectures. This provides a low-cost, low-power, fast access storage solution. The new MediaStor Archive enclosure provides up to 128TB of usable storage in a 1RU enclosed with an idle power consumption of only 10W. Additional enclosures can be easily added as storage requirements increase.


In addition to managing storage, every MediaStor server can offer resources to perform media related tasks. Unlike other storage platforms, which may be built upon proprietary or Linux based operating systems, MediaStor is built upon Microsoft Windows, significantly simplifying integrations with third-party processing and file transfer software.


Iphrame Vision Remote Centralised Production System: Suitcase TV’s award-winning Iphrame Vision Remote is part of the iphrame suite; a range of software based solutions enabling combined SDI and IP-based operations. The solution facilitates the centralised production of outside broadcasts and other live events and enables broadcasters to significantly reduce their costs by allowing key personnel to operate the system from virtually any location where there is an internet connection. Additional cost savings can be achieved due to reduced travel and transport costs of personnel and equipment. Only the cameras and associated technical teams need to be deployed on-site.


Also Highlighting:


Support for AMWA’s Networked Media Incubator (NMI) Project: Suitcase TV is also highlighting its support for the Advanced Media Workflow Associations’ (AMWA) NMI project. Launched as a long-term initiative to support the industry’s move towards IP-based systems, NMI brings together broadcasters that share a vision to adopt IP infrastructures and industry suppliers who wish to provide interoperability. The continued goal of AMWA’s NMI is to solve important business problems and to help media companies achieve business agility and flexibility.SuitcaseTV_1 compressed

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