Suitcase TV showcasing integration and workflow capabilities at IBC 2014

Leading developer will offer in-depth demonstrations of end-to-end solutions including third party products

Suitcase TV, a leader in media asset management and compliance logging will be demonstrating a wide range of its products at IBC 2014 where the company will be in hall 2 at stands C10 and C15. Besides MediaStor, Suitcase TV’s MAM, the company will be exhibiting its Aqua series of software modules, including TrakStak, MetaGenus, and ShotLogger. Organisations involved in live broadcasting will be interested in iphrame Vision; a simple and easy to use software-based video mixer that enables the user to make simple edits and apply effects to an incoming stream prior to output to an outgoing stream with no managed delay. In addition, Suitcase TV will demonstrate the ease with which its products integrate with third party products such as Vidcheck.

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MediaStor is right at the heart of Suitcase TV’s product offering, organising media on multiple servers, irrespective of physical or geographical location, within a virtual file system that makes it easy to manage. As well as cataloguing content, MediaStor records and manages the media metadata. Both technical and rich metadata is organised and stored using a hierarchical metadata model that is configurable and flexible so that it can fit any organisation. Even the metadata set is scalable allowing the MAM to evolve and grow as use of the system increases.


Aqua is a range of client applications for a wide variety of uses such as ingest, metadata tagging, legal and/or technical compliance, adding or synchronising audio tracks, and edit decision list (EDL) publishing. At IBC 2014, Suitcase TV will highlight several Aqua modules including TrakStak, MetaGenus, ShotLogger, and Splice.


TrakStak facilitates the addition and adjustment of audio tracks for broadcast. It is not uncommon for additional audio tracks to arrive after content has been ingested, meaning each time a new language track arrives from the dubbing house, another time-consuming ingest must be performed. With TrakStak, the new audio track is appended to the asset at up to 80 times real-time, without the need to re-ingest the video.


MetaGenus gives users the facility to edit metadata associated with a programme or series without having a view of the media. This is useful for organisations to fill in information about an asset before it has been ingested, or where users don’t need to see media to make changes.


As the name suggests, ShotLogger is a tool that offers the ability to mark points of interest in video, capture information about those events and then store it all for future use on a database. It is perfect for marking up goals and penalties in football, crashes and overtaking in F1 racing, speeches at political party conferences, special events in news-gathering, flashing lights, as well as nudity, violence, and profanities for film and TV compliance.


Powerful but easy to use, Splice is ideal for creating EDLs or for performing simple edits of video content. Because it is a desktop application, performing pre-edits using Splice reduces the cost of craft editing. At its stand at IBC 2014, Suitcase TV will recreate an existing workflow and will show how Aqua can simplify and automate a given process. The workflow will highlight integration with Vidcheck as well as the ease of importing and exporting to and from Avid. Language and promo workflows will be showcased along with a variety of metadata templates based on how other customers use ShotLogger and MetaGenus.

iphrame Vision

There will be an iphrame Vision workstation with Dektec card at IBC, and visitors will be able to see demonstrations in a variety of configurations based on the markets for the products. These will include a single input with a delayed version, a 2 camera demo and a live event vision mix with 4 inputs. “Visitors to our stand at IBC are in for a treat this year,” explains David Atkins, MD at Suitcase TV. “Rather than simply show them what our products do in isolation, we’re going to be demonstrating how a series of modules work together to create a complete solution. More than that, we’ll be giving the low-down on how Suitcase TV products integrate with the products of other developers.”

Suitcase TV’s stand at IBC will include several workstations for in-depth demonstrations. In addition, Suitcase TV’s expert team will be on hand to deal with all enquiries.

For further information about Suitcase TV, email, or call +44 1473 258251.

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Suitcase TV PR: Bruce Barbour | Email: | Tel: +44 (0) 1473 258251

About Suitcase TV One of the first companies to deliver a disk-based solution to the compliance recording market, Suitcase TV was founded in 2000. Since then, Suitcase TV has grown dramatically to become an industry leader in producing software solutions to the broadcasting industry, and delivers high quality toolkits for compliance logging, media asset management, live event mixing, audio and subtitle workflows, and storage and archiving.

Products from Suitcase TV are renowned for reliability, scalability, and flexibility, and are designed to grow as the client grows. They dramatically improve efficiency, integrate seamlessly, and provide significant return on investment in a very short time-scale.

With a wealth of experience in the broadcasting industry, Suitcase TV believes in continually improving and discovering new solutions that deliver peace of mind to a vast range of clients around the world.


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