Swedish Feature Film Ömheten Graded in Mistika at Europa Sound and Vision Wins The Guldbagge Award (The Swedish Oscars)

(Stockholm, Sweden–February 13, 2014) Swedish Feature film “Ömheten” was conformed, graded and finished in Mistika by Colourist Sebastian Guest for DCP deliverables, at Europa Sound and Vision’s brand new picture facility in Stockholm. “Ömheten” also recently won The Guldbagge Award (Sweden’s equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Cinematography which was awarded to DoP Petrus Sjövik.

Mattias Segnestam, Chief Operating Officer at Europa Sound and Vision says “Europa Sound and Vision’s eminently comfortable and feature-rich suite hosted Ömheten as its very first feature-length project. We featured a 5m canvas, Barco projection (the same as in 90% of Sweden’s cinemas) and cinematic sound by JBL. The facility runs four Mistika systems, giving advantage both in terms of workflow efficiency and inherent redundancy.”

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