Switcher Partners with DJI to Extend Support for DJI OSMO Mobile

Switcher Inc. ( today announced it is expanding its live streaming ecosystem with a new strategic partnership with DJI, the world’s leader in creative camera technology. As a result of this partnership, Switcher is extending support to DJI OSMO Mobile for smooth, stabilized live streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube.


Now users are able to use Switcher Studio running on their iOS device to remotely control multiple DJI OSMO Mobile devices with full remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control.  pair an iPhone or iPad directly with the DJI OSMO Mobile handheld motorized gimbal for full Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control, directly from Switcher Studio. This means users can remotely control the position of the device from another iPhone or iPad using the Switcher Studio software.

For example, with a swipe of a finger across Switcher’s screen, the remote DJI OSMO Mobile will move where you want it, including the ability to:

  • Pan the DJI OSMO Mobile left/right
  • Tilt the DJI OSMO Mobile up/down

Users can also use Switcher Studio to remotely adjust advanced camera settings of DJI OSMO Mobile, including:

  • Smooth zoom, ease in and out
  • Focus control, adjust depth of field
  • Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed
  • White balance
  • Color Balance
  • Torch with dimmer and Tally Light

Switcher Studio also includes a NEW “grey card” feature to quickly sync camera settings across multiple angles.


The Switcher Ecosystem

Switcher Studio pioneered mobile multi-camera video with iPhones and iPads and moved quickly to create an entire ecosystem for mobile video creators to record and live stream content to virtually any platform. Through strategic partnerships with live social video platforms, such as Facebook, Switcher has become a go to solution for mobile video creation and delivery. Today, Switcher expands its ecosystem with this new partnership with DJI.


Recently, Switcher launched its newest version of Switcher Studio 3.0, which added a host of new features specifically designed to improve content creation for mobile video creators, including advanced camera controls and the ability to insert pre-recorded video clips directly into live stream productions.


Switcher Studio 3.0 and Switcher Go comprise the Switcher Platform for Mobile Video Creators who are actively producing wireless multicam and single-cam live or recorded video productions.


By using Switcher Studio and Switcher Go together, events and  pre-planned productions with a

fixed Switcher Studio setup can tap into individual creators using Switcher Go to share video from their perspective. Switcher Go’s one-click connection creates a roaming cameraman effect for mobile productions when using the two products together.


Pricing and Availability

Switcher Studio 3.0 with DJI OSMO Mobile support is available immediately on a monthly subscription model and is priced at $25.00 USD per month, or for an annual rate of $299.00 USD. There is also a 7 day free trial available at


Switcher Go is available immediately and is a free app on the Apple App Store.


About Switcher Inc.

Switcher Inc. was started by a team of people who love creating and delivering great video content – from anywhere and from any device. The solution was born from a passion to democratize what was once an incredibly complex and expensive experience, to one that enables anyone to create  professional looking video and instantly stream live video to services like YouTube and Facebook. For more information or to start creating better video, please visit



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