Switzerland’s tpc integrate EVS’ DYVI switcher for new IP-based live workflow

Set to be integrated into a new studio and production facility, Switzerland’s Technology and Production Center (tpc), has purchased a DYVI switcher from EVS, the leading provider of live production solutions. Entirely IP-based using the SMPTE 2110 standard, this Zurich-based facility will be used by tpc to provide production services to Swiss broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF). The production team will also put in place a new XT-VIA live production server and IPDirector content management suite.

“The production of SRF’s high-quality programing needs to be done with technology that can use IP-connectivity to operate quickly and reliably. Above all though, it must create the best live content possible,” said Andreas Lattmann, CTO at tpc. “We selected DYVI because we’re able to deploy it for both news and sports operations. It’s IP integration and ability to easily share resources fits our current needs while also future-proofing our operations.”

The software-based live production switcher will be delivered as a single-panel system alongside six PM-Y processing module units – two for each of tpc’s three control rooms. To create a completely integrated workflow, certain operations across the facilities and the DYVI switcher will be automated using Vizrt’s Viz Mosart studio control system.

“We’re now seeing widespread adoption of DYVI across multiple live video production markets. tpc’s deployment cements the switcher as one of the leaders in the industry,” said Benoit Quirynen, SVP Market & Product at EVS. “The way it’s operated means tpc’s users can work more creatively, which allows them to output the highest-quality news and sports programing for delivery across Switzerland.”

Also being ordered for operation alongside the switcher will be a new XT-VIA live production server with native-IP 10G ethernet SFP connectors and IPDirector suite for the management of the live assets. tpc needed solutions that will operate efficiently within a completely IP-driven workflow, while allowing them to futureproof operations for the output for UHD-4K if needed.

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