TAG V.S. Reveals Plans to Raise the Resolution at NAB 2019 with Support for Advanced Formats

TAG V.S. Reveals Plans to Raise the Resolution at NAB 2019 with Support for Advanced Formats

Company’s adds features and functionality to flagship MCM-9000 Multiviewer and Monitoring platform, and reveals launch of a US-based operation

Tel Aviv – March 04, 2019 – TAG V.S., the international specialist in advanced IP monitoring and high-quality UHD Multiviewers, has announced plans to demonstrate its flagship MCM-9000 Multiviewer and Monitoring platform with significant new functionality and features designed to dramatically increase resolution with support for advanced formats. The Company will also introduce the US market to its TAG IP Monitoring and Multiviewer Builder for easily customizable configurations, highlight the TAG Decryptor for real time decryption; and announce the MCL-9200 “all IP” software-based solution ideal for a wide-array of Production & Post Production applications.

Abe Zerbib, CEO revealed exhibition plans as he also noted that TAG recently launched a US operation under Bil Apker, newly named TAG VP of Sales, US.

“NAB 2019 will be a very exciting show,” exclaims Abe Zerbib, TAG V.S. CEO. “TAG is growing in technical achievements and geography! The MCM-9000’s new functionalities and features are positioning TAG as a leader in new applications, and we are beyond thrilled to welcome Bil Apker as our new VP Sales US. The US is, and always has been, an immensely important region for TAG and now we have dedicated resources right here. It’s a stunning development and just the beginning of growth for the company in North America.”


TAG’s MCM-9000 software only, all IP-based UHD Multiviewer and Monitoring system combines sophisticated technology with simple operation to deliver features and functionality crucial to broadcasters, satellite operators, production companies and post-production facilities. The solution is uniquely optimized to address the SMPTE ST-2022-6/2110 standard in HD and 4K/UHD sources at the input; with HD & UHD outputs available as 2022-6/2110 uncompressed, and/or MPEG-TS, and simultaneously HLS output to allow mobility/viewing outside the MCR/NOC. Multiple formats are supported on the same platform at the input and output enabling the MCM-9000 to adapt to the whole ecosystem of broadcast requirements without changing equipment. Supported formats include: 2022-6/7 & 2110 SDI over IP uncompressed; MPEG-TS compressed (including TR-01 JPEG2000); and OTT (HLS and MPEG-DASH) sources. NAB visitors will also see new functionality that supports UHD (4K) 60P 12G at the Mosaic output, and the addition of rich, colorful Tally/UMD with TSL and/or TAG API protocols.

The entire scalable solution is supplied on a Dongle equipped with a reliable and stable Linux kernel. The system boots directly from the provided flash, which requires no installation, no hard drive, or any type of Operating System on the server. The system also functions fully in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment with a VM image provided instead of a Dongle.

TAG IP Monitoring and Multiviewer Builder

TAG’s new Monitoring and Multiviewer Builder allows users to “click it their way” to customize the number of inputs, outputs, tiles, and design a mosaic layout. TAG even recommends the best off-the-shelf hardware to users so they can achieve optimal results for their individual systems.


Part of TAG’s MCM-9000 platform, the MCL-9200 is a unique “all IP” software-based solution that decodes, analyzes and displays uncompressed SMPTE 2022-6 and 2110 SDI over IP signals and features UHD mosaic output for Multiviewer applications and environments.

The MCL-9200’s extremely low latency, combined with IP Networking/Content analysis, fault detection, Talley/UMD support, and alarms, provides the perfect solution for Production, Post Production, and Transmission Control Multiviewing requirements.

TAG Decryptor

The Decrypter offers a proven and secure method of real time decryption, monitoring and viewing of OTT content after the packager within the secure zone. Content owners can be confident that all their content, will remain secured while streaming media – even OTT content – is monitored and analyzed within the TAG MCM-9000 IP software only platform.


TAG NMS (Network Management System) is a powerful option to the MCM-9000 that creates a combined comprehensive monitoring and control system. Utilizing two-way connectivity with the MCM-9000, TAG NMS receives fetches and logs in real-time SNMP alerts, alarms and the status of monitored channels to create short and long-term logs and reports.

TAG NMS uses available TAG API command sets in order to control all MCM-9000 features, functionalities and configurations, including real time manipulation and automation of video channels, layouts and Mosaics.

About TAG V.S. LTD

TAG V.S. specializes in innovative IP monitoring and high quality Multiviewer solutions. Its unique approach of a software only “all IP” system that runs on standard off the shelf hardware, provides state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with a high quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile devices displays. A server-based platform provides products that are versatile and scalable, and support multiple formats including MPEG TS, Uncompressed and OTT. For more information:


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