Maxon Collaborates with Adobe to Unveil Limited-Time Bundle

Maxon is excited to announce a uniquely priced bundle that brings together the power of Maxon One and Adobe Substance 3D. This limited-time offer is poised to redefine the creative landscape by providing artists, designers, and 3D enthusiasts with an unparalleled toolkit to create, visualize and transform their digital visions into reality. For a limited […]

Digital Anarchy Ships DataStoryteller, New Data-Driven Visualization Tools for Video Editors to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Resolve

Digital Anarchy Data Storyteller Plug-Ins Use Spreadsheet Data to Instantly Animate Charts, Maps from within Your Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and After Effects Timelines   Digital Anarchy ( today announced the immediate availability of a brand new tool for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Resolve artists – Digital Anarchy’s DataStoryteller. Announed […]

Tribeca film “Rule of Two Walls” cut using Adobe Premiere Pro and

“Rule of Two Walls“ explores the powerful story of today’s Ukraine through the lens of the artists who have chosen to stay. David Gutnik, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, known for his 2020 Tribeca film, “Materna”, brought this story to life using Premiere Pro and The film showcases life under the shadow of war — a […]

Fame, rock & roll: Editing a YouTube sensation using Premiere Pro and

“Songs About ******* “ stars Marc Rebillet, a musician, comedian, and artist, known for his improvised funk and hip-hop electronic music with free flowing, humorous lyrics. Marc rose to fame through YouTube and Twitch where he cultivated a passionate community — amassing millions of followers. This documentary retraces the artist’s steps from his humble Texas upbringing […]

Hannah Peterson’s debut feature “The Graduates”: A heartbreaking film crafted with Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Hannah Peterson’s debut feature film, “The Graduates”, is premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film follows Genevieve (Mika Sundwall) as she navigates a pivotal year filled with painful memories of a tragic school shooting that took her boyfriend’s life. As graduation approaches, Genevieve finds herself grappling with difficult life decisions to make. Hannah […]

Editor Josh Porro uses Adobe Premiere Pro to cut Tribeca Film “Cinnamon”

Filled with intrigue, music, and heart, “Cinnamon” follows an aspiring singer, played by Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore, and a small-time crook (David Iacono) on a journey to change their lives. The noir thriller was brought to life by editor Josh Porro using Adobe Premiere Pro. This is Porro’s first feature film and since then, Porro […]

“Ron Delesner Presents”: A journey into the legendary concert promoter’s career, edited using Adobe Premiere Pro

While documentaries about music history legends tend to focus on artists themselves, “Ron Delsener Presents”, which is set to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival this year, takes a different approach by shining a spotlight on the influential concert promoter, Ron Delsener. Throughout his remarkable career spanning decades, Delsener collaborated with some of the biggest names […]

Editor Ted Feldman on cutting Tribeca’s “The Line” using Premiere Pro

“The Line”, a captivating drama and thriller directed by Ethan Berger, dives into the exploration of blind adherence to tradition within the context of a fictional college fraternity. Tom (Alex Wolff), a devoted member of his fraternity, is enamored with the high social status and influential connections promised by the fraternity. However, when he counters […]

Filmmakers Georden West and Russell Sheaffer discuss their inspirations for Tribeca’s “Playland” and its creation using Adobe Creative Cloud

Enigmatic and subversive, “Playland” combines archival imagery, historical audio clips, and stylized vignettes to tell the story of what was Boston’s longest surviving LGBTQIA+ venue and bring performers and partygoers from the 20th century out to play for one last night. To produce “Playland”, Director and Co-Editor Georden West and Producer and Co-Editor Russell Sheaffer relied on Adobe […]

Editor Kelly Kendrick on why he chooses Adobe Premiere Pro and to cut films like Tribeca’s “Every Body”, an uplifting story of the intersex community

In ongoing conversations about gender and identity, the lived experiences of intersex people are often overlooked. The new documentary film “Every Body” looks to bring their experiences to the forefront. Focusing on the stories of three intersex people, it reveals both struggles and triumphs as they navigate a world that often operates within rigid binary notions […]