V-Nova showcases the latest in immersive experiences at the ITTV International Forum


Exclusive panel brings together experts to debate the latest metaverse trends, and the implications for the TV and film industry Major Hollywood studios content, re-rendered in immersive 6 Degrees of Freedom (“6DoF”) and compressed with the V-Nova PresenZ format will be showcased at the event The demos demonstrate how the V-Nova PresenZ volumetric movie format, […]

disguise and Moment Factory launch collaboration to drive innovative storytelling in live and broadcast events

January 12, 2022 disguise, the leading technology platform enabling visual experiences at the highest level, and award-winning multimedia production company, Moment Factory, launch a collaboration to combine their groundbreaking expertise in extended reality (xR) experiences and enable new storytelling possibilities in the music, live entertainment, and broadcast industries. As the pandemic accelerated the adoption of […]