Rise Embarks on a Journey of Inclusivity at IBC 2023

Rise, a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the broadcast and media tech industry, is set to make a resounding impact at IBC 2023. With a compelling program of events and groundbreaking initiatives, Rise is gearing up to transform the landscape of this year’s show. Exciting Program of Events The Rise team […]

The Draco vario ultra HDMI 2.0 Generates High-Quality Video Distribution

  If you’re in the broadcast industry, then you know the challenges of crafting a production well beyond just the standards of top of the line content creation. Creativity within the broadcast industry involves more than just a superb amount of quality content when its the end result of the presentation that counts most. Any […]

B&H’s New Full-Frame Camera System Captures Extrodinary Imagery

  A simple image can say a lot, and capturing that image is key to the communication a creative needs to generate and further grow an audience. Any professional working within the broadcast industry understands that the imagery behind their video content can speak volumes of information to the audience they’re targetting. And with B&H’s […]

Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies’ New HyperDDP12D

  The content a broadcast professional creates matters, and what also factors into what will surely be a great presentation is the hardware any production a broadcaster’s craft lies not on just the genius of the creative. But what also has to be factored in, is the hardware supporting the delivery of the presentation. Dynamic […]

Comrex’s EarShot IFB Can Lower Production Costs

  Any production a broadcast professional tries to get set up will no doubt cost them a lot of time when it comes to the creativity needed for the content to be made and organized. But the cost of the production alone will amount to the kind of chunk companies like Comrex work to alleviate, […]

VidOlink Reacher: VidOvation’s Newest Broadcast-Grade HDMI And HD

  If there is a place to find high-quality tech for broadcasters, then it’s VidOvation. With just a ten year record, the company has proven to be a successful and efficient asset to the broadcast industry, and this has ranged from its ability to provide broadcasters with video, audio, and data transmission, contribution and distribution […]

SuitelifeSystems’ New Monitoring & Management Platform For Broadcasters

  The content a broadcaster creates is determined not only by the focus of the content. It is also determined by the visual presentation. How well a creative working in the broadcast industry reaches and potentially builds an audience, is determined by how well presented their brand is, which is why monitoring it is essential. […]

Ross’ Ultritouch Can Help Blend Your Smart Phone With DashBoard’s PanelBuilder

  It’s fascinating to witness how much technology has progressed, particularly in the area of smartphones and the creative applications that can be applied in producing the type of visual content a viewer would normally see come from a camera or computer. Today, pretty much any professional working in the broadcast industry can create amazing […]

Build Better Content With Dalet Digtal Media Systems’ Platforms

  Every piece of content a creative makes, is essential to their brand. The great thing about the relationship between the broadcast industry and content is the level of expansion that has taken fold, and a lot of this enhancement can be attributed to the many media platforms, such as the ones from Dalet Digital […]