Field Recordist George Vlad Chooses Bubblebee Wind Protection

Award-winning sound designer and field recordist George Vlad specialises in capturing natural soundscapes that truly evoke his location. To ensure his recordings are always pristine, he uses an arsenal of high-end microphones in conjunction with wind protection from Bubblebee Industries. “I do a lot of unattended recording where I set up a microphone rig and […]

Bubblebee Industries Help Camera Operators Improve Their Audio Game

  Solo videographers and camera operators are increasingly turning to Bubblebee Industries’ versatile range of microphone accessories to help them capture audio that matches the quality of their film footage. Often, either because of budget constraints or the need to keep production crews small and agile, the person behind the camera is also responsible for […]

Bubblebee Sidekick IEMs and Accessories Help Ammar Al-Zeer Deliver Great Sound

Ammar Al-Zeer, principal live sound engineer for Cable Sound Studios, is using a range of audio accessories from Bubblebee Industries to ensure that the sound he captures for news, current affairs or documentary programmes meet the director’s quality expectations. “It’s my job to ensure that whatever a director requests, I am able to accommodate,” he […]

Bubblebee Wind Protection Helps Thomas Beverly Capture The Sound Of Greenland’s Glaciers

Sound recordist Thomas Rex Beverly made extensive use of Bubblebee Industries’ wind protection products during a recent trip to East Greenland where he was recording the extraordinary sound of glaciers. Normally resident in Philadelphia, USA, Beverly travels the world recording wildlife, weather events and a whole host of natural features. His recordings, which have been […]

Bubblebee Audio Accessories Help Lauren Banjo Capture High Quality Sound

Location recording engineer Lauren Banjo has joined a growing band of professionals who are turning to Bubblebee Industries for their specialist sound accessories. Based in New Jersey, USA, Lauren works mainly in New York capturing sound for film, television and corporate clients who want professionally produced content for internal communications and social media channels. In […]

Bubblebee Helps Herbert Verdino Capture Great Sound At Altitude

Sound recordist Herbert Verdino made good use of Bubblebee Industries’ high quality sound tools and audio accessories during recent filming projects in the Austrian Alps. While working on the Austrian-German TV crime drama Der Pass, Verdino had to contend with remote mountainous locations, as well as the impact of cold and wind on the audio […]

Bubblebee’s Sidekick Delivers Style and Comfort On Live Broadcast Sets

Jono Cary, one of the UK’s most in-demand Sound Recordists and Production Sound Mixers, has switched to Bubblebee Industries’ Sidekick In-Ear Monitors because they are so comfortable that they can even be worn underneath headphones.   “Comfort is such an important factor, especially when you have a long day ahead of you,” he says. “Sidekick […]

Formula E And Bubblebee: How Sport Broadcasters Cope With New Social Distancing Measures

  The sound recordists responsible for delivering this year’s ABB FIA Formula E coverage to the BBC made good use of Bubblebee Industries technology to help circumnavigate the impact of Covid 19, which had threatened to scupper the sport’s 2019/2020 season. Like so many sports, Formula E faced challenges because of the pandemic. Normally the […]